Akame ga KILL! Volume 5 Review


Author: Takahiro

Art: Tetsuya Tashiro

English Publisher: Yen Press

English Release: January 26 2016

After Tatsumi escaped from Esdeath and her Jaegers at the end of last volume the mad scientist Dr. Stylish tracks him to Night Raid’s hideout and launches an attack. Night Raid find themselves corned until Najenda returns with two new members; Susanoo and Chelsea. Susanoo is a humanoid biological Teigu that is now under control of Najenda and Chelsea, with a camouflage ability to look like anything she wants, seems like a know-it-all on the surface but does have something deeper already hinted at.

These chapters were all pretty good with a decent mix of action and calm. We see both Night Raid and Jaeger members dealing with losses and both are still portrayed in a way where it’s hard to not feel bad for them. I did find the choice of Kurome on the cover a little weird as she showed up for 5 panels on pages 118 and 119 and said “I don’t think you’ll be able to do it, Wave” and that consisted of her entire appearance in this volume. I think Chelsea or Najenda would been better picks but obviously that has no affect on the story.

This volume also contains a bonus chapter which I’m guessing takes place while Najenda is still gone due to the lack of Sheele, Bulat, Chelsea and Najenda/Susanoo. We see more corruption with 3 young girls being sold off by their parents and bought by a group that pretty much lives to torture girls to death. The violence was surprisingly tame visually. One gets her legs broken and you see the guy raise his arms then her crying face.

Like usual as well there’s a 2 page crossover with another manga from Gangan Joker which is “Zombie-Bitch Sakina is in Bitch-Girl” which, aside from the weird title, was a weird concept. Mine and Tatsumi are talking about killing this zombie and she started fantasizing about sex toys while listening to them from a distance.

Overall I really enjoyed the volume and the bonus chapter was quite nice. I’m looking forward to the next one as just like volume 4, volume 5 ends with a pretty big cliffhanger.

Written by: Conor

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