Akame ga Kill! Volume 6 Review


Author: Takahiro

Art: Tetsuya Tashiro

English Publisher: Yen Press

English Release: April 26 2016

The volume starts off with the Jaegers and we learn there are Danger Beasts attacking and the group will be sent to patrol and make sure none cause trouble. Night Raid receives the same mission from headquarters but decide to attack at night as to not run into the Jaegers. Unfortunately for Tatsumi he runs into Esdeath again but this time the two get transported to an island by a mysterious man’s Teigu.

In this volume we learn parts of both Lubbock and Esdeath’s backstory (including how Esdeath got her Teigu) which was nice. There also wasn’t a lot of action but we appear to be leading into an arc that will seemingly pit Night Raid against the Jaegers which will cause quite a bit of conflict.

Again the cover choice was a little weird. Chelsea appears this time and while she appears more than Kurumi in volume 5, she still barely showed up (although the design was great). To be fair to whoever designed this cover though, Esdeath was the only female that really appeared frequently throughout the volume and she had already been used for volume 4.

This volume’s Gangan Joker crossover is Corpse Party: Blood Covered which was disappointing with almost no interaction between those characters and the Akame ga Kill characters. It did serve as a nice ad for Yen Press who is releasing the first volume May 24 2016 in North America.

Overall this was an enjoyable read. The next volume appears to be getting our first real fight between Night Raid and the Jaegers which is exciting and it will also be interesting to see if Tatsumi will be figured out at this point.

Written by: Conor

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