Akame ga Kill! Volume 7 Review

Author: Takahiro

Art: Tetsuya Tashiro

English Publisher: Yen Press

English Release: July 26 2016

While last volume had very little action, this one was almost non-stop. We start off with the Jaegers finding out where Night Raid is although we find out they were tricked. The information they find indicates Akame and Najenda have split-up so Esdeath, Run and Seryu go where Najenda was spotted leaving Kurome, Wave and Bols to hunt Akame. They suspect a trap though don’t expect all of Night Raid is actually waiting where Akame was spotted. The fight is quite long even missing Esdeath and what ends up with basically Kurome and Bols vs. all of Night Raid, though Kurome’s teigu allows her to control corpses as puppets not making the fight overly one-sided.

We also get Chelsea’s backstory and a little bit of Bol’s showing why he wears his mask all the time. We also see a bit of Akame and Kurome’s but if you’ve read Akame ga Kill! Zero! there’s nothing new there for you here. In my somewhat traditional talking about the cover segment, Najenda actually fit unlike the previous two volumes. I also like the green used for the back and font. It’s hard to talk about this volume in any detail as it’s mostly fighting and I don’t want to spoil how any of them turnout. I will say the ending was almost too perfect a way to end the volume and I’m really looking forward to the next one.

This volume’s crossover was with Arachnid which spent the first page having Lubba trying to guess what the crossover would feature before we end up seeing Bulat return. There was also a gag in the last panel that I didn’t really get but would probably be funny if you’ve read Arachnid.

Overall another solid volume. I don’t have any real complaints but it would have been nice to get a little more aside from fighting (though they were beautifully drawn) but I’d guess next volume is probably going to go back to being less battle focused.

Written by: Conor

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