Ame no Marginal: Rain – marginal- Review





We start off following a man as we see his day to day life starting on a Monday. Monday’s he apparently does something different which is go to the roof where he appears to contemplate suicide. He decides not to commit as he feels he still needs to live and goes on. We then get a choice to continue on with him or get some backstory. Even though the backstory is the bottom choice I’d suggest picking it first as continuing the story will suddenly give you Rin without introducing her properly. While I can understand it’s done this way as she’s supposed to be mysterious (and he know nothing about her) as a reader I like the context getting her backstory early gave, I’ll skip over it for this review though as I feel it was really well done (and probably my favourite part) and don’t want to butcher it in this quick summary if you decide to check it out. Anyway, the man (who I don’t recall a name and the Steam page and Email don’t mention one so I’ll assume he’s nameless) notices the elevator has an 8th floor one day which he knows isn’t supposed to be there and decides to ride it up. When he gets out he finds a colourless world where it is raining and he meets a girl named Rin. She explains in this world time doesn’t flow, they don’t need to eat, they don’t get hurt and the rain never stops. She decides however, that they need to get him out of there before a certain amount of time passes.

I thought the story was very well written. I kept wanting to know what would happen next both in the present and backstory. It is quite short though. I think it comes with some bonuses relating to the Narcissu series (same author) but I didn’t look at them. My main issue, and I’m not sure if this was just my mood or a flaw with the game but I couldn’t do my usual long reading sessions, instead doing multiple short bursts (which explains why this review took almost a week to get up). I’ve marathoned some anime this week so I know it wasn’t me having attention issues. Again though, I’m not sure if that’s a fault of the game (I didn’t see any people mention this in the few Steam reviews I read) so it won’t weigh on the score at all. I guess my only other issue would be I wish the chapter selection mentioned if something was backstory or not. I don’t think I ever went into a chapter not knowing but it would have been nice none-the-less.



The art looks beautiful. A couple times I caught myself staring at the screens I took for this review. My one real issue is you’re basically reading it in widescreen as there’s black bars on top and bottom (as you can see by my pictures). This makes the already small game window have even less room to show off its beauty.



I really liked Rin’s voice as well as the music. I heard some people say the soundtrack shares songs with Narcissu and I haven’t played that so I can’t comment. The music was very calming though and the Narcissu sound track is on Steam so if they are the same if you’re looking for some stress releving music I’d strongly suggest buying it.

Written by: Conor

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