Anne-Happy Review

The moe-comedy is a sub-genre of anime I enjoy as probably evident from my previous reviews. In case you aren’t sure I’m specifically referring to shows with three to five girls, usually the show starts on the first day of school and shows the girls meeting each other and often features a clumsy or air-headed lead and sticks them all in a club or figures out some other gimmick to convince us to watch their show instead of one of the others. So how does Anne-Happy fare against all the other moe-comedy shows I’ve seen?


Anne-Happy follows five girls who have been placed in “The Happiness Class” at their high school. What is this class? It’s a class set-up to help misfortune girls be happy. Our main cast is Anne Hanakoizumi who loves animals but they hate her and is generally unlucky, Ruri Hibarigaoka who is madly in love with a cartoon man on construction signs, Botan Kumegawa who constantly gets injured, Hibiki Hagyu who has terrible sense of direction and Ren Ekoda who is Hibiki’s childhood friend and attracts females of all species. I thought this set-up was quite interesting but the issue is: the show never does anything with these traits aside from one-off gags and most of them just aren’t interesting. For example why are Hibiki and some random old lady the only humans to be seemingly attracted to Ren? They said all females but out of the women in the show that’s only 20%. Also another show I watched this season, Flying Witch, has Makato Kowata with a terrible sense of direction and Botan’s misfortune is pretty much just a comedy gag in almost any show where someone gets hurt and is in bandages for a scene then perfectly fine the next.

The two most interesting are Anne’s as hers actually help advance the episode’s plot and Ruri’s but Ruri’s has this huge set-up with almost all of episode 1 but nothing is done with it after that. We have an episode with Hibiki figuring it out and trying to decide if she should bully her or not and a couple glances from Ruri to the signs but almost nothing else which was a let down. Why spend all that time building it up for it to amount to nothing?


The rest of the cast isn’t interesting with the teacher, Kodaira, who is strict and goes over the top a lot but seems to have the girls best interests at heart, Timothy, a robotic rabbit that helps out with the class and Saginomiya, another teacher at the school that hates the happiness class. That’s pretty much it. Annoyingly the rest of the class has no designs or anything, just blank faces that might scream or laugh but never speak.

This review feels really short but there’s really nothing here. Each episode contains Kodaira starting some kind of weird test and everything going wrong for our main cast. The visuals are nothing special as the soundtrack and voice acting (Anne’s voice did sound a little forced though). Something I found interesting was how often the show continued while the ED was playing. I think the visuals for the ED only played in full 4 or 5 times.

Written by: Conor

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