Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry DLC Review



Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag was a game I really enjoyed for its new take on the franchise. With more focus on the sea to add to the land missions, making the world more open. Ubisoft, the company behind Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, later released DLC for the game titled “Freedom Cry”, starring Edward Kenway’s former quartermaster-turned Assassin, Adewale. Was this DLC worth the added costs? Or did it end up being a flop? Let’s find out!



Like I had stated, Freedom Cry stars assassin Adewale, in his quest to liberate the african american slaves in the west indies. Missions are bent around liberating said slaves and freeing them. Meaning less assassination missions, and more variety. I liked this because unlike Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, which repeated the same missions over, Freedom Cry had many different types of missions that you were to play through, and each felt like something new each time. The only problem I had was, for some of the missions, you had to do a certain task before you were able to continue on with the story. I feel this was included to add length to the DLC, but it wasn’t done too well. If they wanted the content to be longer, then Ubisoft could have incorperated these tasks in a story mission, instead of making them feel like an extra chore before you could continue on with the story. However, when you were doing a story mission, they were great, and the overall story was great too. The gameplay itself in Freedom Cry was the exact same as Black Flag, sailing, combat, parkour, etc. So you should feel right at home while playing. The controls were easy to master, and made the game a joy to play. The only problem with Freedom Cry’s gameplay, is, ironically, the freedom. Unlike Black Flag, you didn’t really get the feeling of an open world, like you did in Black Flag, so it kept you to playing the main story, which was great, but you couldn’t go off on the beaten path and make your own adventures, which was disappointing.



The graphics in Freedom Cry, like Black Flag, were stunning. Everything was well designed, and I could tell a lot of thought was put into the graphics of Freedom Cry. The blood splattering out of each guy you killed looked realistic and amazing. Everything was just well done and well made. There isn’t that much I can say about it due to graphics being the same as Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. So you’ll have to check that out for more detail of the graphics here.





The music for Freedom Cry is okay. Your crew still sing sea shanties while you’re on your boat. But it doesn’t feel new like it did in Black Flag. The only music besides the shanties I actually heard was in the credits and it was okay. Nothing memorable. The sound itself in the game was good. In combat, the stab noises sounded like you were stabbing people, same goes for all of the sound effects. I did notice however, that sometimes the sound effects would cut out and not happen. I don’t know if that was just my copy, or if it was a glitch. But it is something to note. Overall, the Music is okay.

Written by: Jay

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