Assassins Creed Unity Review


Ubisoft sets us off once again on another adventure where we find ourselves in the midst of another ever so long struggle between the Templar Order and the Brotherhood of the Assassin’s. This time players follow the life of our newest Assassin, Arno Dorian, who seeks revenge in the middle of the revolution struck Paris, France.


The overall story in Unity was honestly a little less memorable than most of the other Assassin’s Creed games in the past. Most of the side quest such as the Paris Stories and Co-op missions were more enjoyable than the overall campaign. The story was a little challenging to follow and all over the place. I found that I did not attach myself to any particular character, not even our main Assassin as I have in the past. However, playing the sequence missions I found to be quite enjoyable and totally customizable to how I want Arno to react. Do I want Arno to go in head on or go for the more stealthy approach and steal the key to a secret door? Plus missions are not all the same over and over. The Assassinations at the end of each one show you a new flash back and you are found with another person to track down. The characters are really just not that memorable to me compared to other games.

However do not count out trying to progress through the story. In Unity you must unlock skills to be able to do majority of the side quest and also to be able to get all the collectibles and chest throughout the game. Your Assassin no longer comes equipped with certain assassination skills that it has in the past.


Combat in Unity I found a little more challenging than in previous Assassin Creed titles. In Black Flag the parry button was also a way to kill your enemy with easy, but in Unity. You must parry to defend and you can no longer get an “easy” kill by parry anymore. A timed parry has replaced the old one button method and made it to where players must wait for the gold flash to parry at just the right time. So players must strive for that perfect parry is order to survive against a hoard of extremist. (Trust me sometimes running away is not all that cowardly). Another major change that was taken out of Unity is the option to move dead bodies around. Therefore if an enemy happens to walk by in a spot where you just killed someone they automatically become more suspicious of you.

One feature that I thought was pretty awesome is the new addition of a downward ascend button while you’re climbing up and down through the streets of Paris. In old Assassin’s creed games we were only given a button for climbing and that was about it, the fall was all up to you. Most of the time I hoped and prayed that the fall would not desynchronize my assassin, so I really love how Ubisoft added a “Free-Fall Down” button…when it worked that is. Parkour is still just as clumsy as ever and most of the time Arno would not do what I wanted him to. One time as I was running across the rooftops in Paris Arno became stuck in between a window and a wall. After about 2 minutes of pushing literally every button and Arno finally desynchronized and I was placed in a totally new spot. Overall when I was not getting trapped in buildings the addition of the newest parkour down button really came in handy.

In addition to the new combat style and “Free-Fall Down” button players are now also able to accompany other Assassin’s in missions that are Co-op based. I was over ecstatic about this feature being added before the release of the game and I was not too let down, but it did not quite live up to my expectations. It has glitched a lot on me as I play. The missions itself however are pretty cool and fun to play. We still get that competitive side of things as well because all rewards are how the individual performs.


Ubisoft did an amazing job of bringing Paris and the French Revolution to life. Paris looks incredibly beautiful, and it made the hours and hours of time I spent running around worthwhile. Being a history nut I was thoroughly astonished by just how close and accurate Ubisoft got to the harshness of the French Revolution. Walking around the streets I could feel how France was being torn apart from the inside.


As mentioned before I really enjoyed the harsh but beautiful scenery the French Revolution contributed to Paris. Ubisoft gave us a stunning layout, and in my opinion one of the best looking games of 2014 (Far Cry follows close). While climbing to the top of Notre Dame take a look and spin around to enjoy how beautiful the texture work in Paris. Everything was so detailed as well. For example: The sky lighting from the inside of buildings or even the dirty windows of the local social clubs really helped me enjoy my 30+-hour adventure as an Arno.


The only notable sounds worth even mentioning in Unity would have to be the citizens shouting and cursing in the streets of Paris as Arno sets out on his missions. Once again it helped to actually feel the situation that was going on inside France. However, all was ruined during missions when we lost the accents that helped provide the authenticity of the Revolution at hand. Other than that no music really stuck with me, and I honestly couldn’t tell you the tune that you heard before every single major sequence. All the “songs” were monotone and very bland.


Written by: Brooklyn Ealey