New Super Smash Bros. Character on Monday

Sakurai has confirmed via Miiverse and Twitter that there will be a new Smash Bros. character revealed on Monday. He pointed out they are reaching the end of the list of characters they have to reveal making this reveal weird as it is only a month after the 3 character

CoroCoro Leak Reveals Mega Metagross and More!

To almost nobody’s surprise Metagross is receiving a Mega Evolution. We currently know very little as the text is so blurry however we know that Steven will return as the champion, will use Mega Metagross and the Hoenn Pokedex will be expanding. A few new pictures have been posted confirming

Rivals of Aether Announced

Many fighting fans are looking forward to the two new Super Smash Bros. games releasing later this year however they may have something else to look forward to. A new game called Rivals of Aether has been confirmed to be releasing in 2015 and is headed by Dan Fornance (Killer

Secret Bases Return in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon announced on their website today that secret bases will return in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Super-Secret Bases are an awesome new way to express your creativity and join up with friends in the upcoming Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. Create a Secret Base that’s all

Tomodachi Life Review

When I first heard of the weird 3DS that was in Japan and involved using your Miis you have created of yourself, friends, family, celebrities, and pretty much anyone you could think of, I could have cared less. I used to play the Sims but haven’t played that in a

Pac-man Confirmed for Smash!

Pac-Man was confirmed at today Super Smash Bros. Developer Discussion and now his trailer has been uploaded to the official Smash Bros. Youtube channel. Pac-Man will be joining as a third-party character from Bandai-Namco.