The Last of Us Review

Anyone who followed me in June knows my first playthrough of The Last of Us made me clamor about how it wasn’t only GOTY, 10/10, best PS3 game ever but even one of the best games ever. Anyone who followed me after that thinks I’m making this up as I’ve

Pokemon X and Y Review

*This game was originally reviewed on October 22, 2013. Ever since Pokémon X and Y were first announced in January I’ve been pumped for the games. Having the ability to play the games at the same time as everyone else (besides time zones and leaks) was something I never thought

Could Telltale Games make a Good Zelda game?

I recently watched a video by cjszero01 on who he thinks good 3rd parties would be for different Nintendo IPs. As always he poses the question on who the viewers thought would work. For some reason I thought instantly of Telltale’s upcoming Tales from the Borderlands series and started thinking

Smash Saturday: Pokeballs

Welcome back to Smash Saturday! This week I’ll be looking at characters I think would be interesting as Pokeballs I feel both of these are very nice items as they add characters that never would really have a chance to be in Smash Bros to the game. This won’t be

Smash Saturday: Popular Fan Requests

This is a new series I will be doing lasting all February long each Saturday I will be posting a Smash Bros. related feature.  I may continue it longer depending on popularity. Today I will be looking at some of the more popular requests I see floating around in either

Nintendo 2014 Release Schedule

  Nintendo has released an upcoming releases for both first and third party software on Wii U and 3DS for Japan, North America and Europe. Most of the releases we already knew but the listing is interesting. Such as the 3DS listing Smash Bros before Kirby and Mario Golf in