Halo 5: Guardians Review

Mild Spoilers. Be cautious!   From the shores of Sunaion to the mines of Meridian, Halo 5 is leaving its mark throughout the galaxy. This game takes a brand new direction in an ever-expanding universe.   Story Halo 5, in the long run, feels like 343i’s spiritual Halo 2. Introducing

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review

NISA is back again with their demonic sense of humor in their insane tactical roleplaying game, Disgaea 5, and this game is proving to be bigger than all the past installments. In a way, this shows in the story, as it really is the longest Disgaea game to date. In

Destiny Expansion III: The Taken King Review

Destiny is back once again, and after a long trial of negative criticism, it seems Bungie has fully developed this game into what they promised. The Taken King kicks off not only Expansion III but also year two of Destiny’s launch. Although their first year of launch was extraordinarily shaky,

Project Setsuna Revealed

Square Enix has made a new studio for this brand new IP, which is to be a completely fresh take to Square Enix. The studio is called Tokyo RPG Factory, and they didn’t show a legitimate trailer. The video was more or less just still photos, but they still were

Final Fantasy Portal App Announced

No trailer given, this app is slated to release on iOS and Android later this summer. It’s unclear on if this will give you stuff from the numbered Final Fantasy games, or even from the side games that have been released throughout the years, but it’s confirmed that this app

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Showcased

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set 8 months after the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This game has been widely built up by Square for the beginning of E3, and today they gave a full trailer and even some gameplay. In a world where Augmented Humans are labeled as

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Announced

Star Ocean gets a new installment to their franchise, the title being Integrity and Faithlessness. Not much was talked about for this game, but the developers expressed how their goal for this game was overall seamlessness. The overworld exploration leading into combat was seamless from what the trailer showed. This

Hitman Given Full Reveal

Following Sony’s reveal of a new Hitman IP, Square dropped a full-on trailer for the fresh game, going to also mention a unique new aspect of the game. Marks that are shown between all players, that stay only active for a limited window. Once this window passes, they mark is

Kingdom Hearts 3 Showcased

After a long time of no mentioning, Kingdom Hearts 3 finally gets its debut. The trailer showcases a handful of new mechanics and spells for Sora to use, as well as a handful of new enemies (Including the Earth Titan from Hercules). Also shown was a new world, from Disney’s

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Announced

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key was shown shortly before the reveal of Kingdom Hearts 3, and is a game to be made specifically for mobile platforms. This game is said to tie into the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 and shows all the characters from the popular franchise. Releasing on iOS