Beyond Eyes Reveal

Beyond Eyes is another game recently announced, and takes an interesting new approach to gaming. You apparently play as a blind girl and the world you play in only barely reveals as you move, and is limited to close proximity. The trailer didn’t give too much to work with, but

Gigantic World Premiere Trailer

Gigantic is a new Xbox exclusive game, from developer Motiga. The game is cell-shaded, looking somewhat like Wildstar in terms of graphics. It introduces a handful of fighters, and a slew of massive monsters to fight against. The gametypes were unspecified, however. No official release date, but you can join

Forza 6 Trailer

Starting with a downdrop of the poster car for the game, Microsoft opened up the introduction for Forza 6. The entirely trailer was in-game footage with mention of 26 new locations and up to 24 vehicular multiplayer. An Xbox One exclusive, slated for a September 15th release.

EA Access Details

EA Access, while it has been out for a time, is said to go hand in hand with the backwards compatible feature. XBox Live Gold members, for this entire week, are being given access to EA Access for free. Starting with Titanfall, and with the next game in the lineup

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

Microsoft introduced the new Xbox One controller, called the Elite Controller, fully customizable. The trailer shows precision locks, changing out the d-pad and joysticks, and even trigger sensitivity. No release date was announced.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Microsoft took the jump and announced today that the Xbox One will be backwards compatible with up to 100 Xbox 360 games by the end of the year, and more to come. This is the list as it stands. The game they displayed was the first Mass Effect, and it was

Halo 5: Guardians War Zone

Halo Warzone is the new addition to Halo 5 multiplayer. Making it player vs player vs everything. You go into a battlefield with 12v12 Spartan Combat with the added bonus of Covenant onslaught. This adds a whole new level of intensity to mutiplayer, as well as giving Halo 5 a

Halo 5: Guardians Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers

Microsoft started their conference strong by opening with Halo 5 Guardians. The past week alone has been a big week for the franchise. This trailer showed a hefty amount of cinematics, showcasing a conversation between Buck, Locke, and even Laskey. Then follows with the Arbiter and Locke having a secluded

Elder Scrolls Legends Sneak Peak

  Along with the new trailer for already released Elder Scrolls Online expansion, Bethesda followed up with a strategy card game called Elder Scolls Legends. No release date given besides ‘later this year’, but it will release on both PC and iPad.