Pokeslob’s Top 26 Games of All Time

Preface: I’ve always had a rough top 10 in my mind, it fluctuated every here and there, but for the most part it’s been stable. However, expanding it to a Top 26 was actually quite difficult! I actually spent a couple weeks drafting this out, trying to fill and order it.

Ryuu ga Gotoku Ishin! (龍が如く維新!) Review

Ryuu ga Gotoku (hereon, Yakuza) is one of Sony’s flagship franchises for the Playstation in Japan, and it’s no secret, I’m a huge fan. The Yakuza games are a series of RPG/Brawlers set in a fictional district of Tokyo called Kamurocho with the badass Kazuma Kiryu as the lead. Kiryu is framed

Rest in Peace Origa 1970-2015

Singer/Songwriter, Ol’ga Vital’evna Yakovleva (known internationally as Origa), has passed away today in her home country of Russia due to complications with lung cancer. She was 44. Origa was most well known for her work with the TV anime series Ghost in the Shell, but has also done work with recent games like

Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix Review

After a couple of years of releasing various Kingdom hearts spin-offs across plenty of different platforms, Square is stringing the story together into two nice collections that give you the whole story in one convenient place in tasty HD. Today I am reviewing the second collection, Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix, which

New Yu-Gi-Oh! Game Announced for Vita

Today V-Jump magazine revealed that Konami has green lit a Downloadable PSP Yu-Gi-Oh! game. The title is Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V TagForce Special, and it will feature each main character from each series, which means Yugi is officially back! The game is currently in development for PSP, but will be compatible with all