Nintendo Reveals “NES Remix”

Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct today, revealing new information and new games for the 3DS and Wii U. Nostalgic fixes inbound, Nintendo has revealed NES Remix, a title that aims to add new features to classic NES games. As seen in the trailer, you can play 16 classic titles with new

Monaco Receives New Update, “Enhances” Campaign

Old version of tutorial stage. Enhanced version of tutorial stage. Pocketwatch has released an update for their hit game, Monaco. The update streamlines the original campaign of Monaco by cutting overly lengthened sections of their least favorite levels to improve flow. Along with this, they’ve added more features to both Zombie

Fallout 1+2+Tactics Free on

For two days, GOG is giving away DRM-free and Windows-7 optimized versions of the classic Fallout 1, 2, and Fallout Tactics entirely for free. These games are top-down RPGs and set the standard for the RPG genre for a few years, so pick these up while you can. Source:

Frictional Games Releases Footage of SOMA

SOMA is Frictional Games’ new take on survival horror. Instead of the traditonal medieval approach that we’ve seen from the Amnesia series, SOMA is now more sci-fi and aims to change the dynamic of the formula they’ve been experimenting with since the Penumbra franchise. Today, Frictional has uploaded a new video on

Monster Hunter: Roar of Cards Revealed (JP)

So…yeah. Another Monster Hunter game exclusive to Japan, this time it’s apparently listed as an “RPG.” Exclusive to mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc.), “Roar of Cards” only shows a brief 5 seconds of gameplay that reveals perhaps a turn-based RPG. This game looks intriguing, to say the least. Along with

Origin Black Friday Sale – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $1

No, you’re not reading this wrong. Available on EA’s Origin platform, you can buy the critically acclaimed spin-off Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $1 right now. All you need to do is make an account on Origin, install the application, and check out the big sales. Source:

Steam Autumn Sale – Deals (11/28/13)

Today’s another grand day of Steam sales for this year’s Autumn Sale. Today’s big deals include – Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition 60% off – 7.99$ Dark Souls 80% off – 5.99$ Dead Island: GOTY 75% off – 5$ Don’t Starve 66% off – 5$ Final Fantasy VII 66% off – 4.07$ Game Dev Tycoon 50% off

Indie Developers “Halfbot” Teases New Game

Keep in mind that this is a teaser picture and will not reflect on the final product. Indie dev studio Halfbot (recognized for their title Super Crate Box and recently released The Blocks Cometh) showed off this little teaser of their new to-come game they’re working on. No further information has been revealed yet,