Bakugan Battle Brawlers Review


           Bakugan Battle Brawlers

            Developer(s):NOW Production;

            Publisher: Activision 

            Platforms: PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS;

I would just like to say going into this, I had no expectations for this game to be good. I went into this game ready to be disappointed and let down beyond belief. I was around for the inception of the show’s dub for North America and I can tell you right now that back then it looked like a terrible game to play in real life, correction, a terrible game to play in anyway shape or form. But I never really wanted to write it off as terrible, it just always fell into one of those thing where you don’t want to judge a book by it’s cover but you end up doing it anyways.

But as time went on, I watched the game itself secure it’s spots on the shelf and in the bargain bins. Well after joking around with my friends, I bought it merely as a token of disbelief towards my friends. But hearing their reactions when they saw me online playing was priceless. It actually got a few of my friends to pick up the game and it’s sequel to see what exactly what I saw in a game like this. But for now, let me explain myself.

  •  Gameplay

bakugan-battle-brawlers-1I will have to say, there is actual story to this game which I must say it’s a complete joke but again this is a kids game so I’ll just have to run with it. The story goes like this, YOU, a young boy (And yes I do mean young boy since there are no options for female) suddenly get a Bakugan who fell from the sky and his name is Leonidas. At the beginning of the game is your most powerful Bakugan and apparently was created from all the hate and anger of the lost Bakugan trapped in the “Doom Dimension”. The player becomes friends with Dan (The main character of the whole franchise) and basically gets accused of being evil from all of Dan’s friends because of Leonidas. Dan does not once stick up with for you ever and you are then forced to battle it out in a tournament that results in you battling the group of friends that accused you of being evil. The story isn’t anything special and is filled with plot holes and predictable twists and all cut scenes should be skipped.

But in this action game, it at least teaches you how to play the game somewhat. The basics of the game are you and your opponent(s) each have 3 Bakugan,3 Gate cards,and 3 ability cards. You place one gate card down on the field and you go from there. You automatically go first, no matter what you do, so you are forced to make the first move. You throw your Bakugan into the arena trying to collect power ups along the way (Using the Sixaxis to steer your Bakugan since I played it on the Playstation 3) and landing on a gate card. Your opponents job is to do the exact same. When you both land on the same card a battle occur, you’re now shown who has the higher power and each Bakugan is given a boost depending on the gate card’s effect.

You are now given the option to use your ability cards, which can boost power or even make a select mini game playable. The mini game that occurs after all of the points have been tallied is probably my biggest gripe with this game. The mini games are basically put in to give the players or opponent the ability to make a come back if they haven’t gain enough points to have more power then the opposing Bakugan. These Mini games consist of:

Shake Battle

Where you shake your controller up and down or as instructed.

Timing Battle

Where you press two button and shake the remote as instructed.

Shooting Battle

Where you use the thumb stick to aim and the trigger to shoot your attribute symbol.

In the beginning, trying to keep your Bakugan’s power higher is no problem because the computer is programmed to have the IQ of a potato. They often miss the gate card, roll off the arena or even roll back and forth for no reason at all. But as the game progresses, the computer seem to know what card you want them to land on and avoid it by landing on another gate card… Magically. Say you miss and don’t land on a gate card, the computer thus takes it upon themselves by playing a gate card that boosts their Bakugan’s power significantly, triggering effects on the arena in order to boost their power to incredible means and just completely wrecking you in the process. 

Bakugan_Wii_screenshot_202The game lets you take full advantage of the computers in the beginning, playing innocent and dumb, just to come back and make you feel like worthless garbage. It make you feel like all the upgrades and gate cards and ability card purchases that you’ve made were all for nothing. Thats only single battles, Doubles and Battle royals are the biggest load of bull in this game I’ve ever seen. But at some point, I actually was enjoying playing the game which still surprises me.

  • Graphics

The graphics are nothing special and nothing really to be proud about. The cell-shading is decently done and the best parts of the graphics are the backgrounds, arenas, and when a Bakugan attacks another Bakugan. They’re mediocre at best.

  • Sound

The music is your average Saturday morning action cartoon music. It often gets repetitive and makes you want to stop playing. The only thing I can give them props for about sound is getting the voice actors who played the characters to actually be doing the voices. I mean at least they got that right.

Gameplay: 5.0/10
Graphics: 5.0/10
Soundtrack: 5.0/10
Verdict: 5.0/10
Though I, at points, enjoyed myself, this game doesn’t fail to show me why it belongs in the bargain bin at your local EB Games and GameStop.

Written by: Zetus Lapetus Jafar

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