BlazeKick’s E3 Live Show and Conference Schedule

E3 is a big event for gaming, and BlazeKick aims to involve our community with our first-ever live show. We’ll be live-reacting to every conference, as well as offering our perspectives on news after each conference is done. Check below for conference times and when our live broadcast goes live as well.


BlazeKick’s E3 Live Pre-Show – Day 1: June 12th, Noon PDT / 3PM EDT
EA: June 12th, 1PM PDT / 4PM EDT
Bethesda: June 12th, 7PM PDT / 10PM EDT
BlazeKick’s E3 Live Pre-Show – Day 2: June 13th, 8:30AM PDT / 11:30 EDT
Microsoft: June 13th, 9:30AM PDT / 12:30 EDT
Ubisoft: June 13th, 1PM PDT / 4PM EDT
Sony: June 13, 6PM PDT / 9PM EDT
BlazeKick’s E3 Live Pre-Show – Day 3: June 14th, 8:30AM PSD / 11:30PM EDT
Nintendo Treehouse: Live: June 14th, 9AM PDT / Noon EDT

Written by: Tyler Busler

I'm an adept gamer with 15+ years of experience in the best and worst of gaming history. I've always believed that gameplay is the most important part of a video game in most instances. My favorite games are Super Mario 3D World, Journey, Yoshi's Island, Paper Mario, and Dust: An Elysian Tail.