BlazeKick is Now On Patreon!


Hi there. I’m Armando, Editor-in-chief of I’m here to share some exciting news about BlazeKick and its future plans. Well, let me start off with the biggest news, BlazeKick is now on Patreon! That’s right, we just launched our Patreon page. You may be asking why we decided to take to Patreon for our future endeavors, Well, It’s simple: We want to commit to bring you the best content we can possibly make. Being on Patreon will allow us to fund the website and eventually upgrade our current recording equipment for videos and podcasts. If you’re interested in becoming our Patron please make sure visit our Patreon page for more information.

Launching this Patreon also means that we have chance to relaunch BlazeKick. We’re going be more aggressive than ever when in comes to putting out content here on the website and our YouTube channel. This change of pace will take a while to get used to, so please bare with us. The way in how we approach content will more noticeable on our YouTube channel at first, and that’s because of the current state of the website. We’ll be working throughout this month to improve the website in various ways. Hopefully by next month the website will receive a proper relaunch.

BlazeKickĀ  was built by aspiring content creators that wanted to work as a team to build something. That “something” is a community, and even after two years that’s still our goal. That’s a goal that can only be accomplished with the help of you, ours readers. With your help we’ll be able to grow and flourish our community.

Hopefully you’ll join us in this next phase of BlazeKick, where we’ll work harder than ever to bring you the best content we can make. Even if you’re not interested in becoming our Patron we still hope you continue to enjoy our content.

Written by: Armando Orona

Aspiring journalist, College student with a dream of writing about video games for a living.