Are Spoilers That Bad?

Whether you are talking about TV, movies, video games or books almost everyone is in agreement that spoilers are a bad thing and anyone who knowingly spoils other people is scum. This has even gotten to the point of people complaining about “spoilers” when details of a press conference (you

Amazon and Netflix Don’t Understand Anime fans

When two giant companies both involved in streaming content start getting involved in anime that should be a good thing. Both Netflix and Amazon have way more money to spend than Crunchyroll so particularly when they get involved with the production that should certainly help. The problem is, both have

Editorial – Getting Out of a Gaming Slump

Have you ever felt burnt out on video games? If so, dear reader, you’ve experienced first hand a gaming slump. A gaming slump is when you’re at a point where you’re not really interested in playing any video game. You prefer to spend your precious time doing something else. This

Best and Worst Anime I Watched in 2016

It’s that time of year again! Time for me to make sure everyone knows without a doubt which anime I enjoyed and didn’t the most that aired in 2016. Keep in mind a few rules: 1. If a show aired over multiple seasons I will talk about it in its

Why I Don’t Follow the 3 Episode Rule

If you’ve been in the anime community for any extended length of time you are probably aware that most fans seem to agree that you shouldn’t drop an anime before completing 3 episodes. Why is this, though? Shouldn’t this be scaled or why do you need 25% of a 12