If you watch pretty much anything on a regular basis you have probably seen an adaptation. From The Walking Dead to Harry Potter to One Piece no matter if you watch more stuff on the big screen or binge watching the series on Hulu a lot of TV and movies

Why do I Like One Punch Man?

I’m fairly public about my thoughts on super hero movies. I just can’t get into them no matter how many I try (Ones off memory are The Avengers, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spiderman). I always chalked this up to them being too predictable with the hero

I Want to Run Away…

  Running away is a term I’ve used before; it has many terms, like “getting away,” “avoiding conflict,” but the one I use the most is “running away.” Running away is when you are trapped in a situation that you just can’t avoid discussing, and choose to ignore it until

The Privilege of Being A Game Fanatic

  It’s surreal. I’ve been a gamer for nearly 20 years; as long as I can remember, I’ve held a controller in my hands. I remember playing Super Mario World on my SNES in my tiny duplex home as a kid and eventually getting a Nintendo 64 from a pawn shop

Pokeslob’s Top 26 Games of All Time

Preface: I’ve always had a rough top 10 in my mind, it fluctuated every here and there, but for the most part it’s been stable. However, expanding it to a Top 26 was actually quite difficult! I actually spent a couple weeks drafting this out, trying to fill and order it.

The Port Process – Part 1| Jamestown+

We live in an era where games continually earn a reason to port themselves over to newer consoles, usually with a touch-up of graphics and a shiny shelf of DLC you probably already purchased for $120. Needless to say, it’s an era of hypocrisy; players hate upon the games they

Top Key Heroines (#10-#1)

Top 40: http://blazekick.com/top-key-heroines-40-31/ Top 30: http://blazekick.com/top-key-heroines-30-21/ Top 20: http://blazekick.com/top-key-heroines-20-11/ Top 10: http://blazekick.com/top-key-heroines-10-1/ Top 10! Through process of elimination you should have been able to figure out who’s here but did you get the correct order? I guess it’s time to see! First off let’s look at the rules: 1. They must contain a route