Why I Don’t Follow the 3 Episode Rule

If you’ve been in the anime community for any extended length of time you are probably aware that most fans seem to agree that you shouldn’t drop an anime before completing 3 episodes. Why is this, though? Shouldn’t this be scaled or why do you need 25% of a 12

What I Want to See in Love Live Sunshine

Many members of Blazekick have watched (and more often than not, enjoyed) the Love Live School Idol Project anime series. Needless to say us (and many other anime fans) are looking forward to the follow-up “Love Live Sunshine” now that μ’s is finished and Aqours is starting up. We currently


If you watch pretty much anything on a regular basis you have probably seen an adaptation. From The Walking Dead to Harry Potter to One Piece no matter if you watch more stuff on the big screen or binge watching the series on Hulu a lot of TV and movies

I Want to Run Away…

  Running away is a term I’ve used before; it has many terms, like “getting away,” “avoiding conflict,” but the one I use the most is “running away.” Running away is when you are trapped in a situation that you just can’t avoid discussing, and choose to ignore it until

The Privilege of Being A Game Fanatic

  It’s surreal. I’ve been a gamer for nearly 20 years; as long as I can remember, I’ve held a controller in my hands. I remember playing Super Mario World on my SNES in my tiny duplex home as a kid and eventually getting a Nintendo 64 from a pawn shop