[Editorial] Super Smash Bros. Costumes

During the Smash Bros. Direct back in April it was revealed characters could have special costumes with more effort than simply swapping their pallet such as previous titles. This includes characters such as Wii Fit Trainer, Villager and Robin being able to switch genders, Little Mac being in his Wire-Frame

[Editorial] The Art of Hardcore

Video games are a wondrous thing. Whether you’re a fan of RPGs, shooters, or strategy games, you can’t deny that it’s the most immersive media you can possibly experience in this lifetime. However, when you’ve played a game for years, knowing the game front to back, you want a challenge.

Twitch Plays Pokemon – The Social Experience

For the past week, a social experiment has been the cause of more than one hundred thousand concurrent live-stream viewers to collaborate and beat a single game: Pokemon Red/Blue. How does the experiment work? Easy; a chat bot translates commands given from viewers and inputs them as button presses which

Titanfall Beta – Impressions [PC]

[Overall impressions made on PC version.] I usually don’t start articles with a full stop statement for an impressions editorial, but there’s a first for everything. Holy shit. If I can elaborate on that, holy fucking shit. Titanfall was one of those games that piqued my interest when it was first revealed, but