Nisekoi: False Love Review

Picture this: you’re a normal high school boy, son of a yakuza boss, when one day you’re forced to date a girl you hate, later finding out you have a fiance (who is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to a yandere in a comedy) all while trying to find

New Charlotte Preview

We’re getting lot’s of Charlotte news lately and here’s some more! During the re-broadcast of the final episode of Angel Beats! in Japan a new commercial aired which gives us our first look at the show animated as well as quite a few images of how the characters react around

Charlotte Air Month and Staff Revealed

  May’s Dengeki Magazine has started leaking and with it we get new information for Charlotte including new staff and the season it is set to air. Mark your calenders for July as that is now the month Charlotte is airing. We have nothing official on a specific date or

Little Busters! (Anime) Review

Earlier this year I did a series of editorials ranking my favourite Key heroines all the way from 40-1. If you have read through at least the Top 10, you’ll know Rin Natsume, main heroine of Little Busters!, came out as number 1 so I thought it was a good

New Charlotte Teaser Aired

The official Charlotte/Angel Beats! Twitter account has been Tweeting for the past couple days a new Charlotte preview would be aired during March 5’s rebroadcast of Episode 9 of Angel Beats! No one was expecting much and all it featured was the same music from the reveal preview, some art of

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day Review

    Back when I had became a huge Key fan I decided to watch all their stuff. Fine, but now I had nothing new by them to watch so I felt a little down. On various Key subreddits I noticed in people looking for suggestions an anime called “Anohana”

Top Key Heroines (#20-#11)

Top 40: Top 30: Top 20: Top 10: Top 20! Honestly when I was still figuring out how to do this I was just going to do a Top 20 (didn’t know there would be 40) but I’m glad I didn’t as Tomoyo and Kyou not even making a top