Sekai Project’s Otakon Announcements

Otakon is currently going on right now and with it some companies decided they didn’t drop enough a few weeks ago at Anime Expo and have even more. One such company is Sekai Project and boy, do they have some major stuff! Starting off with the updates on already announced

Charlotte Voice Cast Announced

About a day before the official announcement Key updated the official Charlotte site with samples of the main voice cast and made everyone play “guess that voice actor!” (still available at the time of writing if you want to hear them). Fans got it mostly correct, but here’s the official

New Charlotte Preview

We’re getting lot’s of Charlotte news lately and here’s some more! During the re-broadcast of the final episode of Angel Beats! in Japan a new commercial aired which gives us our first look at the show animated as well as quite a few images of how the characters react around

Charlotte Air Month and Staff Revealed

  May’s Dengeki Magazine has started leaking and with it we get new information for Charlotte including new staff and the season it is set to air. Mark your calenders for July as that is now the month Charlotte is airing. We have nothing official on a specific date or

New Charlotte Teaser Aired

The official Charlotte/Angel Beats! Twitter account has been Tweeting for the past couple days a new Charlotte preview would be aired during March 5’s rebroadcast of Episode 9 of Angel Beats! No one was expecting much and all it featured was the same music from the reveal preview, some art of

Rest in Peace Origa 1970-2015

Singer/Songwriter, Ol’ga Vital’evna Yakovleva (known internationally as Origa), has passed away today in her home country of Russia due to complications with lung cancer. She was 44. Origa was most well known for her work with the TV anime series Ghost in the Shell, but has also done work with recent games like