Juni Taisen: Zodiac War Review

One of the most famous names in anime when it comes to the author of the source material is NisiOisiN. Monogatari is a pretty popular series with a lot of people enjoying its visuals and pretty nifty wordplay and twists in the writing. Of course when it was announced a novel

Recovery of an MMO Junkie Review

Recovery of an MMO Junkie follows Moriko Morioka, a 30 year old NEET who recently quit her job and proceeds to start playing an MMO. She decides to play the roll of a male named “Hayashi” and ends up meeting a cute girl named “Lily” who is played by a

A Centaur’s Life Review

Ever since I watched Monster Musume I thought the idea of looking into monster girl (in this case monster humans) rights was really interesting and wanted to see a show actually focus on that. A Centaur’s Life is a world where humans evolved differently so the humans we all are

Restaurant to Another World Review

Everyone eats food. One of the fun things about going to a different country is getting to try new foods, sometimes completely different styles of cooking than you would ever expect. Restaurant to Another World takes things a step further by taking place in a restaurant focusing on western food

Tsukigakirei Review

No that’s not random gibberish. For some reason Crunchyroll and Funimation couldn’t use spaces making it “Tsuki ga kirei” or just the English title attached to the logo “As the moon, so Beautiful”, but I digress. Anyway, romance is one of the most common themes in entertainment. Whether the story

The King’s Avatar Review

China has been making a push lately to join in Japan’s anime market and while I can speak of in China or commercially, in the west most of the shows (be them in the original Chinese or the Japanese dubs) have been critically panned. I pretty much gave up on

BanG Dream! Review

BanG Dream! is pretty much every music anime that is made to capitalize on the Love Live craze. That’s not meant as an insult but it is a fact. Looking through my notes for the show it almost looks like my notes for Love Live Sunshine (minus the RIP Kanan

Your Name. Theatrical Version Review

Anyone who was paying any attention to anime in late summer 2016 has heard of this movie. As soon as the August 26 release the movie blew up eventually becoming the 4th highest grossing film in Japan of all time and, as of writing this review, is still playing in