BanG Dream! Review

BanG Dream! is pretty much every music anime that is made to capitalize on the Love Live craze. That’s not meant as an insult but it is a fact. Looking through my notes for the show it almost looks like my notes for Love Live Sunshine (minus the RIP Kanan

Your Name. Theatrical Version Review

Anyone who was paying any attention to anime in late summer 2016 has heard of this movie. As soon as the August 26 release the movie blew up eventually becoming the 4th highest grossing film in Japan of all time and, as of writing this review, is still playing in

ēlDLIVE Review

When long running manga get an anime adaptation there is often one of two issues that arises. Either it goes on far too long and stretches out chapters to episodes or starts adding filler so they don’t catch up to the manga or barely anything gets covered with little to

Interviews with Monster Girls Review

Despite how simple Interviews with Monster Girls is on the surface I don’t think I’ve ever been as unsure at what a show was trying to go for while still enjoying it. Going in I thought we’d get a typical school anime with either slice of life or rom-com elements

Rewrite Series Review

Any follower of my writing for a decent period of time should know how much of a Key fan I am. I quite enjoyed reading Rewrite back when I first discovered Key and was hopeful for an anime to see some of the more action heavy scenes animated (as well

Flip Flappers Review

This anime was quite interesting. I picked it up because I thought the show looked pretty, I liked the character designs and M.A.O. voiced one of the main characters. I wasn’t expecting much from what I read, basically a fun time but not something I’d think about when I wasn’t

Sound! Euphonium 2 Review

Everyone’s favourite yuri band is back for more. This time we have new characters, the finals and the over-looming feeling that the third years will be leaving soon. The series picks up pretty much right where season one left off with the Katauji band in full force practicing in hopes

Girlish Number Review

Girlish Number follows Chitose Karasuma as she aims to become a popular voice actress. The problem is, she sucks. Not only does she suck but she honestly believes she’s great, even one of the greatest in the business, she just needs to be discovered. This leads to an arrogant, self-absorbed

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Review

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a comedy anime that kept me laughing all the way through. It may seem weird to start a review with a statement like that but I couldn’t think of any other way. Saiki K is one of the funniest anime I’ve watched in

Keijo!!!!!!!! Review

“Sometimes it’s fun to watch things for the sole-purpose of bashing them” that was what I was thinking when I picked up Keijo!!!!!!!!, but little did I know I wouldn’t keep watching to bash it on Twitter. I’d keep watching to cheer on Nozomi and the rest of the cast.