Izetta the Last Witch Review

I like learning about history and some of my favourite stories involve magic. On the surface Izetta the Last Witch should be one of my favourite anime of the season, and from the start I was declaring it as such, but as the season went on something had changed within

School-Live! Volume 5 Review

Author: Norimitsu Kaihou Art: Sadoru Chiba English Publisher: Yen Press English Release: November 22 2016. The pattern I mentioned in my last review has been broken! Only because the anime didn’t make it this far so if you watched the anime like I did this volume should be entirely new

Haikyu!! 3rd Season Review

The previous Haikyu!! seasons were 25 episodes each and focused on a variety of events, be it training in the gym, solo practice, practice matches with other teams, tournaments or even character developing. This season was only 10 episodes and focused entirely on one match, against Shiratorizawa. Everyone watching this

Orange Review

Whenever a manga or visual novel I’m a fan of get an anime adaptation announced I get both excited and worried at the same time. On one hand it can be easier to get friends to check out the anime than the original source and I look forward to seeing

Food Wars! The Second Plate Review

As a big fan of the manga (probably my favourite currently publishing series right now) and a fan of the first season obviously I was excited for Food Wars! second season. It had just over half the episodes as the first season and we should probably take a reminder of

Love Live! Sunshine!! Review

Did you know I like Love Live? I wrote an editorial on things I wanted to see in Sunshine. Needless to say, I was pretty hyped to be able to watch a Love Live series as it aired (after jumping on the μ’s train a little too late) so did

Sweetness & Lightning Review

Food anime are probably among the more enjoyable types of anime for me. I’m not a very good cook but I still like looking at nice food (even drawn) so I tend to pick up shows that I notice a heavy focus on food. Father/daughter anime are also not very

New Game Review

I like video games and anime. An anime about making video games? That sounds right up my ally! That’s what both I and many others thought at the start of the season when New Game started. Something a lot of people didn’t seem to notice is that New Game is

School-Live Volume 4 Review

Author: Norimitsu Kaihou Art: Sadoru Chiba English Publisher: Yen Press English Release: August 30 2016. There seems to be a pattern with these volumes, with the odd volumes the anime stuck fairly close while with even it strays quite a bit. The similar or same elements don’t feel outdone by

Planetarian (Anime) Review

One of (if not the) first visual novel reviewed on Blazekick was for the, then recently released planetarian and if you need a quick refresher, I loved it. When Key launched a bunch of April Fools jokes including the announcement of a Planetarian anime I was hoping then we found