Why do I Like One Punch Man?

I’m fairly public about my thoughts on super hero movies. I just can’t get into them no matter how many I try (Ones off memory are The Avengers, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Amazing Spiderman). I always chalked this up to them being too predictable with the hero

Akame ga KILL! Volume 5 Review

Author: Takahiro Art: Tetsuya Tashiro English Publisher: Yen Press English Release: January 26 2016 After Tatsumi escaped from Esdeath and her Jaegers at the end of last volume the mad scientist Dr. Stylish tracks him to Night Raid’s hideout and launches an attack. Night Raid find themselves corned until Najenda returns with two

Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun Volume 1 Review

Author: Izumi Tsubaki Art: Izumi Tsubaki English Publisher: Yen Press English Release: November 17 2015 Author Izumi Tsubaki is probably best known for his Oresama Teacher and The Magic Touch series. Both of which are shoujo series. When writing shounen you need to have a different style than shoujo so what

School-Live! Volume 1 Review

Author: Norimitsu Kaihou Art: Sadoru Chiba English Publisher: Yen Press English Release: November 17 2015 School-Live! had an anime adaptation released this summer that, as I stated in my review, was a huge surprise and quite entertaining. Yen Press recently released volume 1 in English so I thought it would