Your Name. Theatrical Version Review

Anyone who was paying any attention to anime in late summer 2016 has heard of this movie. As soon as the August 26 release the movie blew up eventually becoming the 4th highest grossing film in Japan of all time and, as of writing this review, is still playing in

Are Spoilers That Bad?

Whether you are talking about TV, movies, video games or books almost everyone is in agreement that spoilers are a bad thing and anyone who knowingly spoils other people is scum. This has even gotten to the point of people complaining about “spoilers” when details of a press conference (you

Disney’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Is Getting A Sequel

Earlier, the creative minds at Disney have confirmed and given a release date for one of their biggest movies of this decade: Wreck-It Ralph 2. The original Wreck-It Ralph released back on November 2nd, 2012 to huge critical acclaim bringing in almost $475,000,000 (USD) worldwide with an average rating of 72. The news


If you watch pretty much anything on a regular basis you have probably seen an adaptation. From The Walking Dead to Harry Potter to One Piece no matter if you watch more stuff on the big screen or binge watching the series on Hulu a lot of TV and movies

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

The Dawn of a Promising Future The time has finally arrived, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just hit theaters. And with it marks the first time big comic book icons like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman share the same screen in a live-action film. Just that is enough to

Wreck-It Ralph – Review

  Movie Synopsis  The gamer’s dream turned movie hit the cinemas in 2012. Set in a retro-style arcade, we see the gaming world through the eyes of the villain, known as Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly). Ralph doesn’t feel appreciated in his game, and sets out to be a hero in

Rest in Peace Origa 1970-2015

Singer/Songwriter, Ol’ga Vital’evna Yakovleva (known internationally as Origa), has passed away today in her home country of Russia due to complications with lung cancer. She was 44. Origa was most well known for her work with the TV anime series Ghost in the Shell, but has also done work with recent games like