Clannad Movie Review

Warning: I wanted to avoid spoiling After Story in this review however the movie rearranges events, in fact the whole movie is a flashback happening after a certain event and I’d suggest watching Clannad and After Story before reading this review. Aside from what will be a single clearly marked

Fox Announces Deadpool Movie!

Remember that Deadpool test footage that leaked all over the internet? Did that hype you for a movie? Well good news! A Deadpool movie has been confirmed and is set to release February 12th, 2016. So far, all we know is that it is set to be directed by Tim

Free To Play | Review

In 2011, DotA 2 was just becoming a popular game, giving the developers a chance to introduce it to the competitive tournaments. How they did this shattered the record prize pool of any tournament at the time; with The International under way, teams fought to get into a $1.6 million