Visual Novels

NEKOPARA Vol. 2 Review

*A review code has been provided by Sekai Project. Nekopara is one of those weird series that is huge in the west due to “omg anime bewbs! 10/10 gotta LP!!” but at the same time having respect as a visual novel from fans of the medium. I was a fan

Strawberry Vinegar Review

  *A review code has been provided by Sekai Project. For whatever reason I’ve been reading a lot of yuri manga lately. I just find something innocent about the way they are often written as “forbidden love” that you don’t get in the standard boy/girl manga romance. There aren’t very

Highschool Romance Review

*A review code was provided by the developer Story: We follow a boy named Shoji whose parents accidentally (or maybe not!) transferred him to a girl’s school. The principal decides since Shoji looks feminine anyway he can just wear girl’s clothing and all will be fine! The only other girls

CLANNAD Visual Novel Review

It’s finally here! CLANNAD got me into anime as well as visual novels! I’m not even going to do my usual hyping paragraph as I just want to get into this! Let’s go! *A review code has been supplied by Sekai Project. *I will be using provided screenshots as Steam’s

The Devil on G-String – G-Senjou no Maou Review

Earlier this year I played a visual novel called “G-Senjou no Maou” which became one of my favourites. Without spoiling anything the epilogue for the true route is my favourite visual novel ending of all time and probably would still rank high is I compared it to pretty much any other

Sound of Drop -fall into poison- Review

Horror stories have probably existed as long as stories themselves. Think of any story telling medium and I guarantee there is horror in it. I’m the kind of person who enjoys a good horror story but I don’t actively seek them out. Something else I enjoy is marine life, especially marine