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Sekai Project Announces New Projects

Today Sekai Project announced a few new projects. Firstly is Hitomebore, released 2014, based around Sachi Usui who has a single eye and is “covered in wounds”, Kokonoe Kokoro which released in 2013 with the tagline “what does it truly mean to fall in love with someone?” and is a dating sim

Top Key Heroines (#20-#11)

Top 40: Top 30: Top 20: Top 10: Top 20! Honestly when I was still figuring out how to do this I was just going to do a Top 20 (didn’t know there would be 40) but I’m glad I didn’t as Tomoyo and Kyou not even making a top

Sakura Angels Review

  One of the stigma I don’t like about Visual Novels is they’re games that you just click while reading to see boobs. There are quite a few like that but there are also quite a few all-ages. Sakura Angels is a weird case on the surface, looking like a

Top Key Heroines (#30-#21)

Top 40: Top 30: Top 20: Top 10: The bottom half will be done this week! If you missed last week’s post check it out here. If you need a reminder of the rules: 1. They must contain a route that delves into their backstory, 2. They must be involved

Top Key Heroines (#40-#31)

Top 40: Top 30: Top 20: Top 10: Key, Key, Key. I like Key, a lot. I see a lot of debates on “Who is the best Clannad heroine?” or “Yuri vs Kanade” so I wanted to drop my own opinions on this matter. I thought rather than just saying

NEKOPARA Vol. 1 Review

  Please note: Although the Steam version does not show any sexually explicit scenes there is still text with strong implications sexual actions have taken place. Due to them being integrated in the story I will have to bring them up so if you don’t want to read anything relating

New Angel Beats! 1st Beat Visual Novel Details

A couple weeks ago Key announced they’d have an announcement on December 22nd relating to Angel Beats! and a new project. Earlier today that happened and you can read about their new anime “Charlotte” here.Onto Angel Beats! though, we finally got a release date for the first volume titled “1st

fault milestone one Review

fault milestone one is a case that makes me glad I followed Sekai Project when I heard they were localizing Clannad instead of just sticking to r/VisualNovels for updates. I had never heard of fault milestone one before they started Tweeting about it and when I looked into it it

The Grisaia Trilogy is now on Kickstarter!

Sekai Project just can’t stop bringing over amazing visual novels to the west can they? The Clannad Kickstarter is still going on (with just under a month remaining) and fault milestone one, launched earlier this week (I’m currently playing for review so look out for that!) and now they have