Charlotte Voice Cast Announced


About a day before the official announcement Key updated the official Charlotte site with samples of the main voice cast and made everyone play “guess that voice actor!” (still available at the time of writing if you want to hear them). Fans got it mostly correct, but here’s the official list (I’ll list 2 or 3 of their works, I’ll try to pick popular or currently airing anime they had a decent role in)

Yuu Otosaka – Kouki  Uchiyama (Seiya Kanie: Amagi Brilliant Park, Nisekoi Series: Ichijou Raku, Hunter x Hunter [2001]: Meruem)

Nao Tomari – Ayane Sakura (Nisekoi: Haru Onodera, Your lie in April: Tsubaki Sawabe, Psycho-Pass: Mika Shimotsuki)

Yusa & Misa Nishimori – Maaya Uchida (Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions!: Rikka Takanashi, Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in the Dungeon?: Liliruca Arde, Hunter x Hunter [2011]: Alluka Zoldyck)

Joujirou Takajou – Takahiro Mizushima (Angel Beats!: Takamatsu, Beelzebub: Takayuki Furuichi)

Ayumi Otosaka – Momo Asakura (Sakura Trick: Sumi Otokawa) (she hasn’t done much so I picked one at random.

We also get secondary confirmation that Yusa Nishimori is the lead singer of “How-Low-Hello” and Maaya Uchida will be providing both spoken and singing voice which is always good.

Written by: Conor

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