Comcept Needs $190,000 For Beck’s Rival To Be In Mighty No. 9

d34d2d80f1cd950a1e187603dad2cba7_large_thumbComcept has shared a few more details about their planned “DLC” for their up and coming game, Mighty No. 9. But It’s another thing that must be funded they announced.  The plan is for a new level and boss – Beck’s rival, Ray.  They say they’ll need $198,000 to make him possible. They’ve provided a breakdown of the costs for Ray:

  • Game design (character + stage): $19,000
  • Graphic design (character + stage): $14,000
  • Modeling (character + stage): $25,000
  • Animation (character + stage): $50,000
  • Effects (character + stage) $24,000
  • 2D assets (stage): $6,000
  • 3D assets (stage): $20,000
  • Programming (character + stage): $32,000
  • Sound (character + stage): $8,000
  • Total: $198,000

Comcept say they worked with developer Inti Creates to come up with that number. They claim its a safe estimate based off their early ideas for the stage. They stated if they can’t make the targeted amount, they’ll make Ray available even if they only make $190,000.

Written by: Zetus Lapetus Jafar