Comet Lucifer Review


Comet-Lucifer-Episode-6If you ask many anime fans what they think of studio 8bit they’ll either have no idea who you’re talking about or instantly have flashbacks of something they enjoyed (probably Grisaia) getting an adaptation announced and being ruined. The two seasons of Grisaia were my only real exposure to 8bit until now with their original anime Comet Lucifer. Looking around the internet the reception to Comet Lucifer is pretty negative so do I agree? Let’s get into the review and find out!



Like many original anime the story starts off quite slow. Our protagonist Sogo Amagi is obsessed with crystals and minerals. He appears to be orphaned as he lives in a tavern of sorts and refers to the owner as “Do Mon” instead of “dad” and doesn’t appear to have any resentment towards him. Meeting up with his friend Kaon Lanchester, who clearly has a crush on Sogo, we very quickly learn she is part of an arranged marriage and his running from her “fiancée” Roman Volov and his bulter Otto Moto. A chase happens with Kaon and Sogo falling in a fissure and finding some really beautiful crystal taking up a lot of room. A crystal Sogo had picked up earlier “activates” the room causing the giant crystal to explode and a girl to pop out. A mech shows up from a group that has been looking for this crystal and right as they’re about to be killed another mech pretty much appears out of the girl. We later learn the girl’s name is Felia and the mech is her guardian Moura. That is pretty much the first episode and I really like it. It gives a lot of information but it didn’t feel like an info dump. It also follows the “show don’t tell” method for delivering a lot of this info.

Like I hinted at the beginning of the previous paragraph the first few episodes are a little slow. I didn’t find them bad or boring but it was a feeling like “ok can we hurry along please?” I also found Otto fairly useless. He needed to exist but he was pretty much always there and often didn’t add anything from being there. My biggest issue was with episodes 10 and 11. Within the episodes the “main” antagonist changes 3 or 4 times, twice to someone I don’t think even showed up before and the original antagonists were both really cliche. Episode 12 really made up for these issues though.


Comet Lucifer - 03 - Large 05

It took a while but the visuals really grew on me. They look like what a character generally looks like in the background to save costs but with some extra detail. I did get used to this around the middle of the airing but I still think the style could have been much better. Their hair also suffers from some weird disease where you can see their eyebrows and any other facial features through it for some reason. Aside from that the character designs were good. A few looked a little too similar (can’t mention due to spoilers but if you watch you’ll know) which is always disappointing.



The music was pretty good but nothing special. There’s a triumphant type song I really liked. The OP and ED were pretty forgettable for me. Without going back I can remember the chorus for the OP, nothing from the ED and that’s about it. Character voices were really good though. I liked every voice and none got old or were annoying. This somewhat sucked for minor characters but I guess that’s a good problem to have.

Written by: Conor

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