CoroCoro Leak Reveals Mega Metagross and More!

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To almost nobody’s surprise Metagross is receiving a Mega Evolution. We currently know very little as the text is so blurry however we know that Steven will return as the champion, will use Mega Metagross and the Hoenn Pokedex will be expanding. A few new pictures have been posted confirming that Pokemon Contests will be returning as well as quite a bunch of new forms of Pikachu known as Madam Pikachu, Hard Rock Pikachu, Idol Pikachu, Professor Pikachu, and Masked Pikachu. It also states more will be announced next month. Pokemon Amie is also confirmed to be returning with no word on Super Training, however it is doubtful that will be removed. We also get a new look at Professor Birch, the first five gym leaders, Sidney, Phoebe, and Steven. Phoebe has a Dusknoir confirming a Hoenn dex expansion even more.

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This story is still developing and will be update when more is translated, non watermarked pages or more pages have been posted.

Written by: Conor

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