Could Telltale Games make a Good Zelda game?

I recently watched a video by cjszero01 on who he thinks good 3rd parties would be for different Nintendo IPs. As always he poses the question on who the viewers thought would work. For some reason I thought instantly of Telltale’s upcoming Tales from the Borderlands series and started thinking of what Nintendo IPs could work in this format. My first thought was a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game because the story is an important aspect and a choice system could really work but I’d want the system Telltale has become known for which I don’t think would really work with Mystery Dungeon. Then I expanded to just Pokemon in general but again, I didn’t think it would work well. Then I thought of another series known for story, Zelda.

Now I know Zelda doesn’t sound like it would fit the style of The Walking Dead or A Wolf Among Us, plus it would be extremely hard to make this without giving Link a voice (or at least talk), which again made me think. What if Link wasn’t the player? Or what if he wasn’t even all that important to the main game? What if they fit it so it could be added to the timeline but at the same time not considered cannon? I opened up the Hyrule Historia to the timeline and found the perfect spot. Now excuse me if I am wrong here but for the branch where the hero falls I could not find if it was to Ganon or just at some point. This is going to assume it was Ganon. Where it would stand, fitting in the timeline is The Imprisoning War. Even when I knew very little about Zelda (I’m still no expert but I know a lot more), I was actually fascinated by the only part of A Link to the Past I really even knew; the back-story. I was always looking for the game that you actually saw it without knowing it didn’t exist. Now I think this would be a very good way for it to.

Nintendo kind of made it pointless with us pretty much knowing most of the stuff about it, which is why Telltale would make an awesome choice to develop a game for this time period. Referring to The Walking Dead, the games really aren’t about fighting off zombies/walkers. Yeah, they have a moment every once in a while, but that isn’t the whole of the gameplay. Or even a big part. The main parts would be characters, puzzles, and stories. Going back to Zelda, have an opening cut scene with Ganon’s sword going through Link. Just start there no getting around it Link is dead, Ganon won, he now rules. Cut to news being spread around Hyrule and introduce our character here. Just a random nobody who becomes a Hylian Knight once the war starts. Stray a little bit from established information by making this as if its Hyrule’s “World War,” with drafting to add to it. Make friends and enemies, have brief cameos from Zelda, the sages and Ganon but never have them really interact with the character. (Maybe have Zelda knight you, help one sage, try breaking into Ganon’s castle, etc.) Make sure to establish this guy is not Link. He is just a random guy that became a knight, has no connection to the Triforce (have choice moments either brave or scared things to show he doesn’t have it).

I think this could add an interesting twist to the Zelda series and finally give us a chance to see parts of the war (the character needs to die before the war ends, if a season 2 does happen different character) from a set of minds that haven’t done anything all that similar to this. To answer the title I think yes, they could make a good Zelda game, even if it isn’t what I suggested, they just need to find a place that could be canon but not add it to the canon, use their normal story telling magic, and keep Link as far away as possible from it. What do you guys think? What Nintendo series would you like Telltale to make? What other third-party do you want to see tackle a Nintendo franchise?

Written by: Conor

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