Crunchyroll’s September 29 Simulcast Announcements

To start off Crunchyroll announced the details for the remaining Fall Roll-Out shows. This includes Brave Witches which streams Wednesdays starting October 5 @ 11:05 AM PT worldwide excluding Asia, Bungo Stray Dogs 2 which will stream Wednesdays starting October 5 @ 10:35 AM PT worldwide excluding Asia, and Magical Girl Raising Project which will air Saturdays starting October 1 @ 9:15 AM worldwide except China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and both North and South Korea.


Firstly is Aooni The Blue Monster which will stream Sundays starting October 2 @ 12:15 PM PT worldwide except Asia. It is based off an indie horror game ans adapted by Studio Deen with direction from Chisei Maeda. Crunchyroll describes the series as:

On the outskirts of town stands an abandoned house where ghosts are rumored to appear. Hiroshi and his classmates Takuro, Takeshi, and Mika pay the house a visit, only to be attacked by a bizarre monster, the Blue Devil. Will Hiroshi and his friends succeed in answering riddles and escaping the house, or are they doomed to live hilarious lives forever with the Blue Devil in the haunted house?! The courage-testing life of these four friends begins with the Blue Devil who continues to entertain even after death.


Aniplex of America announced WWW.Wagnaria!! simulcast plans including Crunchyroll which will have the series Saturdays starting October 1 @ 9:00 AM PT (Daisuki will have the series 1 week delayed) in North, Central, South America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Based off the web-manga by Karino Takatsu comes this spin-off of the Wagnaria series adapted by A-1 Pictures with direction from Yumi Kamakura. Aniplex of America describes the series as:

Karino takatsu, the creator of WAGNARI!!, the ultra-popular comic in Young Gangan (published by Square Enix), is currently running an uber-popular gag strip for her own official home page!!

Incidentally, the setting is a sister restaurant to the one featured in Young Gangan’s version of Wagnaria!!, but this one has characters with even quirkier personalities…?! The long-awaited TV anime version is finally coming!

Daisuke Higashida starts working part-time at a family restaurant due to financial difficulties at home. However, between a shift mangaer who is hopeless when it comes to cooking, and the wait staff’s raliance on the power of money, it seems this restuarant doesn’t have a single normal person working there!


Written by: Conor

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