Cursed Sight Review




Cursed Sight follows a seven year old boy named Gai who was living in the West Taria region until his parents sold him as a slave to the East Taria palace. We open with Gai arriving in East Taria and meeting East Taria’s treasure, Miyon, who along with the cursed sight the novel is named after, can perform rituals that will affect different events in the future. When he first meets her he thinks she’s a little brat which makes sense, as she is their treasure, East Taria would be spoiling her. Eventually Gai meets a bellstress named Sasa who is the only one who actually treats Miyon like a human and Gai develops a crush on her. Skipping ahead a bit we learn East and West Taria are about to have a war but that’s not all. West Taria also has found a girl with cursed sight and this is where I’d say the main story starts. The rest is all relevant in telling the story but we’re mainly stuck in the palace with Gai, Miyon and Sasa with unnamed guards and the king sometimes appearing. After this there’s other areas and other characters become far more important.

The writing is great. Something I don’t comment on at all really is the good use of metaphors. They don’t feel they’re there just to be there but they actually fit in really nicely with Gai’s personality. That’s something else. Aside from I think only one scene the story is completely narrated by Gai and great care was put into his speech and narration. Aside from metaphors he also used hyperbole quite a bit and his narration was just fun to read. Even in serious situations which is nice that the author could work comedic relief in this way instead of wasting a character like so many do. Speaking of characters, I’m having trouble deciding how to go over them. There’s either the early ones like Gai, Miyon and Sasa that are so dynamic they’re barely the same by the end (especially Miyon) or the others that I don’t want to spoil, as for one of them, their very existence is a spoiler. I guess I can say I liked all the characters a lot. Even if I didn’t personally like them they were well written and worked well in the situation they were in (such as guards).

For negatives I can only think of one thing and it’s spoiler based but I’ll try being as vague as possible. Skip to graphics if you want to stay completely spoiler free. Anyway, when it reveals West Taria had someone with cursed sight I figured out who it was going to be almost immediately. We already heard Miyon’s backstory at that point and there was a female character we know that had similar events happen to her as Miyon. The main reason I’m not using this too heavily is once Gai meets up with her it only takes maybe 20 minuets, probably less, for it to be revealed so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I do wish it was written less obviously though.



The graphics look great! The character designs just have this look to them that I really like. There’s also quite a bit of CG for about a 3 hour adventure. That’s very pleasing as they were also all pretty good. I did think one of the last ones you unlock looked a little off but it was up for such a short time I don’t think it was that bad. My main issue was the gallery displays both CG and background. While that in itself isn’t an issue, and I love when VNs do that, they are just thrown together with no separation. While it’s obvious what’s supposed to be what, it looks cluttered like this.



There’s no voice acting and I don’t think any plans for it (not mentioned on the Kickstarter as a stretch goal or anything) but I do think Cursed Sight could benefit from it. Obviously not going to knock points for it not being there though. The actual music is pretty good at first but I found some of the more common songs getting tiring by the end. I think the game might have benefited from 1 or 2 more songs. It also would have been nice for the music to be included in the gallery.

Written by: Conor

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