Dagashi Kashi Review


I’ve always been interested in food (especially snack/junk food) from other countries. One of the only positive things I said in my Chibi-Robo Zip Lash Review was about how they taught us about different food from around the world. Finding out there was an anime airing about Japanese snacks foods got me so excited. I thought I knew a lot about them already but I was wrong.



The story follows a group of 4 characters, Kokonotsu Shikada, who is the son of a dagashi shop owner but would rather become a mangaka than inherit the business. Hotaru Shidare, who is the daughter of a dagashi producer and has come to this small rural town to recruit Kokonotsu’s dad. Kokonatsu also hangs out with two twins, Saya and Tou Endou. Saya is an almost tsundere but not not the point of being annoying like a lot of shows of recent and Tou is always trying to get into girls’ (even his own sisters’ sometimes) pants.



Example of the title cards

The anime follows some combination of these four (usually at least Hotaru or Kokonatsu is included) giving a ton of information and eating various dagashi (cheap Japanese junk food basically) some of these are ones most people with any interest in Japanese culture have heard of such as: Umaibou, Ramune or Fugashi but there were some ones I’d never heard of like: Yoguret, Lucky Chocolate and Boob Ice Cream. No matter how interested I am in the subject it would be expected I’d get bored eventually but, aside from episode 1 funnily enough, I never did. The characters are so perfectly written and having Hotaru say to Kokonatsu she wants to suck something and pulling out Miyako Kombu or Saya having a flash back to when her and Kokonatsu were younger and played doctor using yoguret as medicine. I learned about Japanese candy but because it was done in interesting ways I never got bored.

The artstyle looks pretty unique, and while I haven’t read the manga the screenshots I’ve seen look pretty close to it. In between stories a title card pops up with art, usually relevant to the story, of characters (Hotaru and Saya seem the most common) which looked pretty neat. The voice acting and soundtrack were also both topnotch. I have no complaints for any of the voice actors and the soundtrack was probably my favourite this season.

Written by: Conor

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