Death Note [DUB] Review



For a while I can’t hide that I’ve been avoiding Death Note. Due to the hype it garnered when I was younger and still active on myspace(Those were the days). But finally sitting down, to watch it from start to finish I can see what I was missing out on all these years. I can see why everyone liked it, well at least up to a point.

Light-and-L-l-and-light-16521052-701-386It starts off as a highly intelligent teenager named, Light Yagami, finds a note book with strange powers called the “Death Note”.By writing the name of a person while picturing their face you can kill them in anyway you like (Well as long as the death makes sense). The Death Note is something a Shinigami(A God of Death) owns.  So after a Shinigami named Ryuk drops a Death Note into the human world, he finds out Light has it and is intrigued by his plans. Light plans to become “the god of the new world” by killing off those whom aren’t kind and honest.

Soon after many deaths occur, it catches the attention of Interpol and a world famous detective named L. The murders are then placed on the name “Kira” thus referring to Light.  After L figures out that Kira is in Japan, they begin playing a very difficult and risky game of Cat and Mouse.

Now the main focus of the plot is on Light and L trying to figured out who one another are, what the other is planning,how one can kill and the other can bring a criminal to justice. This part of the series is the “meat”.  They throw in quite a few extra things like the inclusion of another Death Note owner named Misa(A very ditsy blonde model who’s deeply in love with Light) and Light joining the task force to find Kira. This all happens within the first 25 episodes, when the  series is at it’s best. Now after those episode, my interest was peeked. I honestly wanted to know where else they could go with this. But in the end, the final 12 episodes, I must say left me disappointed.

MellonearAfter L’s death in episode 25, a man at a orphanage is notified of this death and now has to choose a successor to L. It’s brought down to Mello(A boy who is hothead but also very cleaver) and Near (a young boy who is almost identical to L but younger). Near is chosen and Mello being upset becomes the antagonist for a small amount of time before the series shifts back to Kira.

Now there are very many things left out from the manga. I often messaged my friend Kory asking question of who someone was and why they were even included in the anime if they had one line. But this is generally a common thing to happen within many anime.

I can say without a doubt that the English voice acting was done very well, the music fits great and the art and animation is pretty good. Death Note is an interesting watch somewhat. If you want to watch an interesting battle of planning and predictions. Then watch Death Note. I would recommend this as a nice change of pace from other supernatural anime out there. It’s nice to watch another detective anime  since Case Closed was the last I’ve seen. But when it comes down to it, the house party you’re having an amazing time at is the first 25 episodes. The other 12 are the hangover you wake up with knowing you have work in 30 minutes.


Written by: Zetus Lapetus Jafar