Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review

NISA is back again with their demonic sense of humor in their insane tactical roleplaying game, Disgaea 5, and this game is proving to be bigger than all the past installments. In a way, this shows in the story, as it really is the longest Disgaea game to date. In Disgaea 5, you play as a lone wolf demon who has an insane amount of power, Killia, and are brought into the fray to save the Overlord of Gorgeous, Seraphina. Seraphina has a grudge against a rising Emperor by the name of Void Dark, as does Killia, which leads to Seraphina following the acclaimed lone wolf around. A good thing to note in this game, and its lore, is that Overlords are supposed to be the strongest beings in a single Netherworld. Void Dark is amassing an army and destroying Netherworlds along with their Overlords, throwing this usual theme to the curb and making his power well known. Further along in the story, you are basically forming a rebel army, pulling in Overlords from different Netherworlds, as well as those characters you create. The main characters pertinent to the story are all Overlords, and each have their own quirky nature, which makes for some rather humorous cutscenes at times. While I love the direction of the story, the theme ended up turning into the ever-typical shonen theme of “Heart is the base of your power.” Which is something that’s rather out of place for a motley crew of demons.

Aside from story, there’s a handful over extra content. As per usual, Disgaea’s post game is ever evolving. With the level cap being 9999, it gives a hefty goal for players to accomplish, and extra characters(Some of which you see in the story) to obtain. If you’re looking for characters from past games such as Laharl from Disgaea 1 or Adell from Disgaea 2, they can mostly be found in the form of paid DLC. These end game levels can range from mildly challenging to insanely difficult, and often you don’t get much for obtaining level 9999 besides 9+ digits of attack power and a trophy. Besides the end game, there’s the Item World, which is something that’s been around since the first game, and grants you the ability to travel through a massive amount of levels in order to upgrade your weapon. New additions to the game include the Chara World, which is feels like a board game of sorts that grants you extra ability slots or improved stats, the Netherworld Editor, which lets you create your own levels to play, the Revenge system, which after enough wear and tear gives your characters a noticeable stat boost and can change the tide in battle, the Overloads, which are Overlord specific attacks that you can use while in Revenge mode, and so much more that even I have yet to fully discover. And interesting addition to the game is the Squad system. Batching in characters to a specific squad grants you special stat boosts or even a different range of perks. Then, when the leader of said squad is in Revenge, you can call your Squad in to overwhelm a foe and their squad, damaging all units on the map that are a part of their squad.

This story and all the new content is backed up with extraordinary music from the ever-talented Japanese composer, Tenpei Sato. And the English cast for the characters is really enjoyable as well. So plip some curry and jump into this crazy game! It will not disappoint. Personally, it’s easily my favorite game in the series.

Written by: William Gale

I am a longstanding gamer who has a deep-rooted love for anything from Halo, Final Fantasy, Destiny, and the Tales of franchise. An unpublished author, I have a passion for writing and storytelling.