Doom Multiplayer Trailer

Along with the DOOM gameplay trailer we also got a look at the multiplayer side of the game. In this fast paced multiplayer, players will play in modes like Freeze Tag and Domination. You can also test your luck with friends as you try to survive waves of demons, or another where you can earn credits for equipment.

Another interesting feature to the game is the introduction of SnapMap where players have the chance to create their very own modules through a map interface. With SnapMap you have uncompromising depth to do whatever you want. Players can also create their own game logic and game modes. In the trailer we also see where players can create trigger events based on locations as well as other players interactions. Players will be able to publish their maps, and even test it out themselves.

DOOM will be releasing Spring 2016 on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Written by: Brooklyn Ealey