E3 2014 – Dragon Age: Inquisition

After the teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront, EA hit it off with a gameplay and cinematic showing of Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third game in the Dragon Age franchise. The trailer was played with live orchestration on-stage and showed many different landscapes. In this game, you play as the Inquisitor, where your past and future are shrouded in mystery. There are different ways to play the game; including taking control of individual units in live action, targeting various body parts, and showing off the game’s many battle styles. Or you can pause the game and take your battles with a bit more strategy. The showing ended with different character’s you’ll meet in your journey.


More information on the game will be revealed over time. The game’s release is slated for October 7th.

Written by: Tyler Busler

I'm an adept gamer with 15+ years of experience in the best and worst of gaming history. I've always believed that gameplay is the most important part of a video game in most instances. My favorite games are Super Mario 3D World, Journey, Yoshi's Island, Paper Mario, and Dust: An Elysian Tail.