[Editorial] Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 Characters

Last week I wrote about Super Smash Bros. Costumes. I wanted to make something else for this week but I decided to write about a potential Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 character roster. Keep in mind this game is in no way confirmed, however I feel it is fairly likely to happen at some point. The first one was actually quite fun and I think if they spend the extra time to balance the game instead of making millions of patches afterwards to make the best character suddenly become the worst and many others become broken or unplayable. Now I decided to stick purely to first-party characters (I might do a third-party list later) and I’m adding a rule how I can only write about characters that had a staring rule in their game. So let’s get started?

Joel and Ellie (The Last of Us):3600097-0926599960-Joel_

I’ll start with what I feel are the most obvious additions to the game. The Last of Us was an extremely popular PS3 game and is releasing tomorrow on the PS4, it just seems right to have them. Now I’m not sure if they’d be a team character similar to the Ice Climbers or two separate characters (which I’d like as currently inFAMOUS and God of War are the only series with more than one playable character currently). I’m not sure what all their supers would be, maybe something to do with Infected or sniping similar to Sly Cooper’s level 3. In that regard it might work better if they are teamed up or even if Joel is the only one you actually play and Ellie is used for some supers (Kai for Nariko). Attacks would probably use the different guns Joel acquires, Molotovs,  Smoke Bombs, Melee Weapons, etc.

TearwayIota (Tearaway):

Iota is another character I think is very likely. Although Tearaway really didn’t sell very well he could still be an interesting character. Kinda like Sac Boy he doesn’t really punch. He rolls, uses a vacuum, throws things. He might be a little hard to thing of a complete move set for but I’m sure they’d work it out. His supers would also be cool as they could use some of the games gimmicks such as having fingers come from the background, earthquakes from someone tapping the touch pad, tilting the screen, even something involving The You (you in a sun, they’d have to change that up as there isn’t a reliable way to get players heads in the game). I think he’d be a cool addition, they could even work in Atoi as an alternate costume.

KutaroKutaro (Puppeteer):

Another game that got way less sales than it deserved, also a new IP. Puppeteer was an interesting game that involved cutting things with scissors (named Calibrus) and changing your head as each could access special areas. The heads could play an interesting role in his move set (his Square would likely all involve Calibrus). I haven’t played Puppeteer in a while so I’m not exactly sure what they could use for his supers, maybe for his level 3 have when he’s riding the seems with Calibrus and have the characters each on so similar to Parappa’s it’s a guaranteed KO of everyone but you only get to kill each person once. He could also use Ying Yang or Pikarina as they played roles in helping him in the game.


Delsin Rowe (inFAMOUS: Second Son):

I liked him a lot more than Cole. inFAMOUS: Second Son sold decently well and I really liked Delsin as a character. Having 4 powers (Smoke, Neon, Video and Cement) could add uniqueness to his move set from Cole. His Supers could be related to the finishing moves (although tones down greatly for Levels 1 and 2) and his moves could incorporate all four powers. I just hope if they do add him he doesn’t get Good Delsin and Evil Delsin and cosmetically they have little differences and I feel that would just be over kill. If they really need to add both maybe do a mid battle switch type thing or something.

ACS12701Wander (Shadow of The Colossus):

Now I’ve never played Shadow of The Colossus. I keep meaning to and I have it on both PS2 and PS3 but just never got around to it. I just felt surprised when he was left out of the first game as I thought he was a really popular character. His finals could incorporate Agro and even something to do with Colossi. I was thinking about suggesting he be this unique character that has Agro until something happens, while on Agro he’s faster but can take damage easier (and it’s harder for him to hit others) but on foot he is slower, easier time hitting and can dodge easier. I don’t think the switching would work very well or that being on horse back would be a very good fighter.

So what do you think? Did I miss anyone you think should be added to this list? Keep in mind the guidelines I put in place didn’t allow for Crash or Spyro or characters such as Sully or Murry to be added but I’d love to hear your suggestions on who I missed (keep in mind I purposely missed Knack as I don’t think anyone thinks he deserves to be in a game with “All-Stars” in the title.

Written by: Conor

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