[Editorial] Super Smash Bros. Costumes


During the Smash Bros. Direct back in April it was revealed characters could have special costumes with more effort than simply swapping their pallet such as previous titles. This includes characters such as Wii Fit Trainer, Villager and Robin being able to switch genders, Little Mac being in his Wire-Frame form as well as his training hoodie which for the most part all are fairly obvious choices. He’s thrown us off a bit though with Mario (His costume from NES Open Tournament Golf), Link (The clothing he starts off with in Skyward Sword) and Captain Falcon (solid gold body!). I was thinking with some of these costumes they could get really unique. Mario has hundreds of costumes he could have received but they chose one from an obscure game that I doubt anyone thought would have any reference outside of a trophy (although Little Mac has two so I’m sure Mr. Mario himself could get as many as he wanted) .

screen-10Let’s get a couple that I think are the most likely out of the way and keep in mind, I will only be using characters that are confirmed as of July 16th 2014 so even though Biker Wario/ Overalls Wario is an obvious pick as it was even in Brawl I will not be including it.

Mrs. Pac-474400-mrs-_pepper_pac_manMan (Pac-Man):

I’ve seen this floating around the internet a lot, and shockingly, I actually agree with it! So far we’ve seen nothing of Mrs. Pac-Man in the game and really, just change the shoes, add make-up and a bow and you have it. It’s kind of like the gender swaps except she is an actual separate character from Pac-Man which might make it a little weird (especially since I doubt the name on the bottom with the damage and stocks will be changed) but I don’t think that’s stopped Sakurai in the past.princess_peach_sports_by_luigi_fan_yumenatsu-d7a0mh4


Sports Peach (Princess Peach):

Another one I think is obvious but this time I really haven’t seen anyone posting it on the internet (I’m sure someone has but I haven’t seen it). This has been a standard for quite a while with Peach in the Mario Tennis, Golf, Sluggers, Summer Olympics, Basketball and Sports Mix wearing this. Sure she’s had different for Motorbiking, Winter Olympics, Gymnastics and Soccer (man Mario’s done a lot!) but this one seems to be the most common and I just think she looks better suited for fighting in this costume than she does in her big flowing dress.

outsetPajama Link (Toon Link):

This is actually a costume for Toon Link in Project M. It also is fairly similar to the situation Link is in with his starting costume from Skyward Sword so this would be pretty much the exact same situation. In fact I’d be shocked if this wasn’t actually in.

Princess_Hilda_ArtworkHilda (Zelda):

Now I’m not super sure about this one. So why is it under the ones I think are most likely? I think if A Link Between Worlds launched a little earlier it would be a shoe-in but I’m not sure. There is always a cut-off when games have to be released to be included in Smash Bros. Now Greninja was cutting it close (as far as we know) but Sakurai mentioned at E3 that the roster was done before they started the game and he worked with Game Freak to put Greninja (and probably Mega Charizard and Lucario) in the game. I’m not sure about two things 1. If he’d do that for A Link Between Worlds as it wasn’t to add a character and 2. If he needed to do that because she’d just be a costume which would be fairly easy to implement.

228px-DryBowserDry Bowser (Bowser):

Another Project M costume, don’t worry I don’t think they’re all good. Anyway Dry Bowser for a while was being used a lot. He made the debut in New Super Mario Bros. But has also appeared as a special boss in Super Mario 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros. 2. He’s made a couple playable appearances with Mario Kart Wii and Mario Tennis Open as well as being a rival/boss in the Mario and Sonic games start with the Olympic Winter Games. I think he actually works quite well and all that technically needs to be different for him to be the exact same is change the fire to blue which doesn’t absolutely need to be done.

Now these ones are the ones I think could happen but aren’t very likely. I’ll go in depth for why I don’t think they are very likely.

Dixie Kong (Diddy Kong):

DixieNow she is someone I’ve seen as an actual character added to many people’s rosters (including my own) and I still stand by that, but is it possible for her to simply be a costume for Diddy Kong? I’ve also seen this suggested but personally I don’t agree with it. She really is a different character from Diddy Kong and has this completely established. Yes I know I’ve said a few others could still work but does she use a peanut pop gun? How about the jet pack? No she can use her hair. There are a couple of other differences and while I could see Hilda or Mrs. Pac-Man using the moves Zelda and Pac-Man use respectively Dixie Kong just seems weird and I’d prefer her as her own character.www.gamnesia.com

Pseudo-Palutena (Palutena):

Honestly I think this could easily work. I mean Palutena even has the staff and shield that Pseudo-Palutena has in the trophy from the Smash Bros. Direct. The reason I’m not sure is we haven’t seen costumes get trophies as of yet. How would you get them? A new mode like Melee’s Adventure Mode to give you a costume of you character? You get the costume if you beat Classic with that costume on? It’s also weird that her costume is revealed before Palutena was herself. I was debating for a while to put her in the likely or unlikely part and eventually settled here. I’d say she’s probably the most likely of everyone in the unlikely section though.

Mr._L_Artwork_(Super_Paper_Mario)Mr. L (Luigi):

This is one I actually really want. I love Mr. L and quite enjoy Super Paper Mario too (not as much as TTYD though) and would love some representation of it in Smash. Why am I putting it under unlikely? Same reason as Dixe Kong except I don’t think he should be his own character. I can’t imagine Mr. L not using Bro Bot for anything so unless they can change Final Smashes because using the Poltergeist just doesn’t seem like a Mr. L thing. In fact a lot of Luigi’s attacks don’t. I know Project M has Mr. L as a costume for Luigi but I didn’t really like it there either. It just didn’t the character.

Now to finish up I have a couple characters could happen but I’d be honestly more shocked if they did than if they didn’t.

Birdo_(Mario_Party_9)Birdo (Yoshi):

I’ve seen this one thrown around on the internet a little and I really don’t agree with it. The thing is so far all the costumes require changing clothing and maybe facial textures. Birdo’s head is a completely different shape from Yoshi’s. Birdo has also never been shown to eat things and make them into eggs. In fact Birdo has never been seen laying eggs, just shooting them out. I don’t think this would represent Birdo well at all and the head would probably cause some issues.

AlphAlph (Pikmin & Olimar):

One more that I’ve seen on the internet that I don’t personally agree with. I’ve also seen Louie, Brittany and Charlie thrown around but I’ll just talk about them all here. Again their body shapes are completely different. Sure, I think Alph might be able to work if Sakurai plays around with him enough but I really don’t think it would be perfect. Another issue is Alph never uses Purple or White Pikmin while Olimar does (Olimar also at least shares a game with Winged so that kinda works).

So that’s what I have for costumes. I have a few others but I limited myself to one per character (even though Little Mac has two, I just thought it’d be easier). I’d like to quickly mention Daisy for Peach. That has been a color swap for Peach since she was introduced in Melee so I have no doubts that will return. She might be more remodeled to look more like Daisy but I’m not sure. Anyway who else do you think I should have included? Anyone you have in a different category than you would place them? Keep in mind I was only using characters that are on the Smash Bros. website and that don’t have an alternate costume yet.

Written by: Conor

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