ēlDLIVE Review

When long running manga get an anime adaptation there is often one of two issues that arises. Either it goes on far too long and stretches out chapters to episodes or starts adding filler so they don’t catch up to the manga or barely anything gets covered with little to no indication of a continuation. At only 12 episodes, ēlDLIVE certainly falls into that later category. Is ēlDLIVE able to pull past that issue or does it go the way of many Jump adaptations and never show answers to certain plot points it brings up?

Our story follows Chuta Kokonose, an average middle school student with a crush on the popular girl and a voice only he can hear giving him advice. The popular girl is Misuzu Sonokata who hates perverts and honestly, doesn’t have much other personality in the show which is my biggest issue. I am also reading the manga on Viz and there is a lot more character for pretty much all the characters in there and we’re barely at where episode 7 or 8 adapts. Even Chuta, almost every arc he ends up losing all his confidence before getting back which gives a false sense of character growth. That was present in the manga but since other characters felt more fleshed out it wasn’t as noticeable.

Anyway, the voice ends up being a Monitalien named Drew (Everyone seems to romanize the name differently so I will stick with this) that is connected to Chuta and able to lend his powers to Chuta however any damage Drew takes is also given to Chuta. ēlDLIVE is the galactic police force that we mainly see stopping aliens from earth. Chuta ends up joining and Misuzu was already a member with the bulk of the story following them or other members such as Veronica Boroswick or Nina Mihailovna Pavlova solving some sort of case.

I liked the art style and animation quite a bit. Often for transitions between scenes transitions will be used such as someone’s legs walking by or picking up an object that is relevant to both scenes. I also liked the soundtrack and voice acting through the show.

Going back to my negatives, the show definitely did not get around the issue of being a long running manga with 12 episodes. The first major arc still has no real conclusion and as mentioned earlier a couple arcs have the same issue of Chuta losing his confidence which weakens Drew as well as twice having a spy within ēlDLIVE. Repeating the same plot point twice in 12 episodes as a major issue of your arc is tiring. Speaking of repeating, jokes are repeated far past the point of tiring. Misuzu spends a lot of the first half of the show saying something along the lines of “I hate perverts” and once “Dr. Love” is introduced about once an episode we see Chuta having a fantasy of him getting Misuzu to strip and her just repeating “Yes, Dr. Love.” every time he says anything.

The biggest issue with ēlDLIVE is its length. We have a fairly large cast yet using just the anime I don’t think I could possibly describe anyone other than Chuta with more than 2 sentences no matter how hard I tried. Everything good ēlDLIVE does is far outweighed by the bad. I didn’t hate the show but I would suggest sticking with the manga if you really want to get into the story.

Written by: Conor

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