Fat Princess Review (PS3)


            Fat Princess

            Developer(s):Titan Studios, Fun Bits Interactive;

            Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment 

            Platforms: Playstation 3, PSP


            BlackForestI wish I could say this wasn’t a title that I heard about through PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale… Oh wait! I can.Back in Summer of 2009,I was strictly a Nintendo Wii player.. (correction) I was strictly an Animal Crossing:City Folk player. So when I heard one of my good friends mention a game called “Fat Princess.” I wasn’t subject to change my Animal Crossing ways (I also didn’t have a PS3 or PSP to play either installment).But after getting a PS3 earlier this year, this was one of the games that reappeared in my mind.

  • Gameplay

            This Action real time strategy game isn’t something I’ve seen or played before. You have your choice of classes in this game, each with different play styles (Classes:Worker,Ranger,Warrior,Villager,Mage and Priest). They added 3 new classes to the game, Pirate, Ninja, and Giant which seem to be very popular online. Speaking of online that is where the appeal of this game comes in, playing alone is not the way to go, my friend. Match can be filled with up to 32 people, and can get crazy hectic fast. With 4 modes to choose from you’ll be having a blast with whatever you pick.
Rescue the Princess: Which is basically Capture the Flag with a little extra “icing on the cake”(I got jokes hehe). Your goal in this mode is to steal your side’s princess back from the opposing team’s castle. But what you can do is feed your imprisoned princess cake to fatten her up and make it harder for the opposing team to get away with;requiring multiple people to help carry her to get away faster.

Snatch ‘n Grab: Snatch ‘n Grab is kidnapping the enemy princess and putting her in your teams dungeon 3 times to ultimately win the game.

Team Deathmatch: First team to zero lives left loses. This mode is overall my favorite of the bunch as matches can last 40 minutes to an hour.

and finally Invasion: Capture the scattered outposts to control tide of the match. Control 50% of territories to reduce the enemy’s morale. The first team to reduce the enemy’s morale to zero will be the winner.

  • Graphics

            fat-princess-03The graphics are very cartoon-ish and are cell shaded to give a more hand drawn look to the game. And to me, It only adds to the charm of this game. It looks amazing and doesn’t take away from the game at all. The levels look great and well thought out as well as the all of the characters look great. I’ve never encountered any problems such as frame rate issues and such. But to this day I still love the design and look to all the levels and characters.

  • Sound

            The music is very fitting to the levels partnered with. Most of the music gives off a certain medieval vibe to it. The songs do play a little more than often and might get repetitive and annoying if you’re playing this game for a long period of time. So I recommend maybe listening with your own music for awhile if you start to get tired of hearing it. But other than that, the music is solid.

  • Conclusion 

            From the moment I heard about this game I was very unsure of what I was getting myself into but in the end what I got was great and unexpected. I loved the chaotic and over the top gameplay online and I would go as far to say it better than most online multiplayer game modes (Like Call of Duty and The Last of Us). If you have a PS3, I highly recommend that you pick this up it’s actually pretty cheap if you buy Best of Playstation Network Volume 1. Which is $20 right now on Amazon.

Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Soundtrack: 6/10
Verdict: 7.6/10



Written by: Zetus Lapetus Jafar