Final Fantasy VI celebrates its 10th Birthday! With the Wu-Tang Clan


Artist and composer, 2 Mello, has been up to making mash-up albums lately. The latest and final of this odd trilogy is a mash-up to celebrate the 10 year anniversary for the beloved JRPG Final Fantasy VI (originally released internationally as Final Fantasy III).

This album affectionately takes the name Final Fantasy: The 3-6 Chambers (to represent both the name of the first Wu-Tang album “36 Chambers” as well as a note to the dual names for the game (III and VI).

According to 2 Mello: all the members of the Wu Tang were old school gamers, and they all really enjoyed the Final Fantasy series, and consider VI to be their collective favourite.

Final Fantasy: The 3-6 Chambers contains remixes of the first Wu Tang album fuzed with the original 16-bit Final Fantasy VI music, with 2 Mello narrating the adventure of the Wu Tang Clan’s fight against Kefka. For Hip-Hop and JRPG enthusiasts alike, there is plenty of enjoyment to find here.

You can read more about it, as well as 2 mello’s commentary about the album here.

The album is also free to stream and download from 2 Mello himself here. (probably NSFW, depending on your vocation)

Written by: Pokeslob