Flying Witch Review

One of the things I love about anime is how many shows you are unable to tell what they’re about with the title. Yeah there’s quite a few but if I asked what you thought a show called “Flying Witch” would be about with no other context I’d likely get an answer like “A Harry Potter type show. Maybe focusing on a quidditch type sport.” but nope, it’s a slice-of-life show.

Flying Witch follows Makoto Kowata, a 15 year old training to be a witch who moves with her relatives in a small country town, Aomori in order to train. The main cast includes Kei Kuramoto who is Makoto’s cousin of the same age and his younger sister, Chinatsu Kuramoto who is 9. The cast gets pretty expansive including Makoto’s familiar, a black cat named Chito, her older sister Akane Kowata, Kei’s friend (who becomes friends with Makoto), Noa Ishiwatari and much more. The episodes are all episodic while there are jokes set-up through multiple episodes as well as cast additions to give you a sense of continuity. The show also works the magic in really well making it seem like just an aspect of life. This show is really one of the most slice-of-life shows I’ve seen. One of the episodes follows Chinatsu and Chito walking through town then the second half is Makoto and Chito doing the exact same thing, and neither time was it boring!


I also noticed the show invoked a sense of nostalgia on me which is weird since I’ve never lived in a small town until I realized, a lot of the episodes involve Chinatsu discovering something. Be it magic related or just about the world which is just like when I was 9 and would explore places and discover tons of things both real and imaginary. The show reminds me of childhood innocence but does so without making the child seem like an idiot or be annoying like most stories that attempt it.

The visuals are nice looking. A few times the show suffers from noticeable lack of detail on characters and objects that aren’t the immediate focus of the scene. Everyone’s nose bridge has a weird shiny bit that makes it look like some weird acne problem is affecting everyone but only one area. The scenery looks great, especially outside.

The soundtrack is also really good. The track “Makoto Kowata” is probably one of the most played songs in the show and I never grew tired of it, instead humming along every time it was played. The rest of the tracks were pretty good as well and the opening song was top tier. The ending song was unfortunately pretty forgettable but it wasn’t bad. The voice work was also good. A lot of the main seiyuu haven’t played many, if any, roles which I think was done to make them seem more like real people than anime characters. This worked fairly well for everyone except maybe Chinatsu. She still sounded like an anime character to me but I didn’t think her sieyuu did a bad job voicing her.

Written by: Conor

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