Food Wars! The Third Plate Review, The Dilemma With Reviewing Multiple Seasons.

By this point in a series it always seems like is there even a point in reviewing a show? How many people are coming to see if they should watch episode 38 of a show? You’ve probably decided if you like the show or not long before now and there’s not much I can say that doesn’t just repeating things from previous reviews.

I can mention things such as this season being kind of awkward for anime only fans (especially in the west) as the Elite 10 play a fairly major role in this season and their introduction (aside from a few who have already been shown off) was done in an OVA and gets pretty glossed over in the series itself. None of the OVAs were ever licensed in English and even the fan subbing community has let these pass by with only a couple getting, from what I’ve heard, pretty terrible sub jobs and the rest having nothing.

Would that fact really stop someone from watching though? It might affect your enjoyment of the start of the season slightly but unless you binge all the episodes is it really something you’ll even remember by the time you finish?

I could also bring up the issue a lot of people seem to bringing up of the season’s animation being “lazy” (please never call animation lazy) with a lot of static characters with the camera panning but that was present in the previous seasons as well so if it really bothers you that much why are you still watching?

I could also mention we’re entering an arc that is pretty much still ongoing (the large overarching arc at least) in the manga to this day that in general has pretty mixed opinions throughout it but how would that be useful? Unless I start giving spoilers for things yet to be animated I couldn’t really paint the proper picture. In general the dislike comes from people reading weekly (which is how I’ve done it as well) and people who read the volumes as they release or just binge read it tend to like it so maybe the faster pace of the anime would make this point less relevant anyway.

So why even bother reviewing this season? A sense of obligation maybe. I reviewed the previous two, I enjoy the series in genera and it wasn’t streaming on one of the sites I have a personal refusal to cover. Maybe I also wanted to give people a little snapshot of what it’s like to try and review a show like this. In reality if Food Wars was being presented like One Piece or Naruto there wouldn’t even be a review at this point since why would I just randomly review a show 49 episodes in? Maybe this is about when a first review would happen if I decided to do it by year.

If you liked the previous seasons of Food Wars you’ll probably like this one. If you didn’t like it up until now you probably won’t like this one either.

Written by: Conor

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