FUNimation Announces 12 New Simulcasts

Funimation has started their announcements with a wave of 7 new shows (as well as the announcements of Enride and One Piece continuing to no one’s surprise) so without further ado, let’s get started!

(Note: these shows will be available in Funimations 4 current regions including US, Canada, UK and Ireland except Love Live Sunshine and One Piece which will only be in Canada and US.)


D. Gray-man HALLOW: One there was a little bit of debate over as Funimation has seemingly given up dubbing the first series but they have it none-the-less. A sequel to TMS Entertainment’ 2006 anime also done by them with direction by Yoshiharu Ashino which were both based on Katsura Hoshino’s manga which started in Weekly Shounen Jump in 2004 before moving to Jump SQ. Crown. Funimation describes the series as:

From the studio behind D.Gray-man comes the highly anticipated continuation to the popular series. Allen Walker is an exorcist working for the Black Order whose mission is to protect mankind from the evil Millennium Earl and his deadly Akuma. Allen and his comrades must recover lost Innocence while defending against the Earl’s terrifying army. But if they fail, Innocence will be lost forever.


Servamp: Based on Strike Tanaka’s manga running in Comic Gene starting in 2011 and directed by Hideaki Nakano at Brain’s Base and Platinum Vision Funimation describes the shoujo-vampire comedy as:

Mahiru Shirota dislikes difficult things, preferring to live a simple life. But after rescuing a cat he names Kuro, life takes a turn for the complex. Kuro turns out to be a “servamp”—a servant vampire—named Sleepy Ash, and the two form a contract. Kissing his simple life goodbye, Mahiru is pulled into the world of vampires, the seven deadly Servamps, and war. Life couldn’t be more complicated!


Tales of Zestiria the X: Previously announced by Daisuki (with a 1 week delay in some territories likely including Funi’s 4) and based off the Namco Bandai published game Haruo Sotozaki and ufotable have created this series which Funimation describes as:

Legends speak of the Shepherd, a savior who will bring peace to the seraphim and human worlds. Sorey has spent his life studying ancient books and exploring ruins to learn more about the legendary savior. When he and his seraphim companion Mikleo encounter a mysterious girl in the ruins, the stories of the Shephard become Sorey’s
reality. Is he strong enough to take on the evil Lord of Calamity?


Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School (Future Arc and Despair Arc):  Technically 2 anime but Funimation is only listing them as one. Based on Spike Chunsoft and directed by Seiji Kishi at Lerche, Funimcation describes the series as:

Makoto Naegi is under suspicion of treason after shielding a remnant of Despair. The Future Foundation, founded to save the world from chaos caused by Ultimate Despair, gathers to decide his punishment when they are captured by Monokuma. Thrusted into an ultimate death game, they must find the true traitor and kill him if they hope to survive. The tale of despair in which hope kills hope begins.

79870lLove Live! Sunshine!! (Airs Saturday starting July 2 @ 6:30 AM PT): Probably the biggest surprise for me (and most of the internet) but the successor to the original Love Live! series will be airing on Funimation. Directed by Kazuo Sakai at Sunrise, Funimation describes the series as:

Nothing is more appealing than the bright, sparkling world of School Idols! The girls of Uranohoshi Girls’ High School are swept into idol fever, wanting nothing more than to become the next-best School Idol group. And they plan to do just that. Chika Takami brings together eight of her classmates to form Aqours, their own idol group. As long as they don’t give up, any dream can come true!


FIRST LOVE MONSTER (Airs Saturdays starting July 2 @ 8:30 AM PT): Based on Akira Hiyoshimaru’s manga in ARIA and brought to us by Takayuki Inagaki at Studio Deen, Funimation describes the series as:

High schooler Kaho Nikaido is having trouble adjusting to her new life in Tokyo. It doesn’t get any easier when she is nearly hit by a truck and saved by the handsome Kanade Takahashi! Infatuated with Kanade, she works up the courage to confess. But he warns that if Kaho learns who he is, she won’t want him. What could possibly keep her from this stud? Maybe the fact he’s a…fifth grader?!


Hanada-kun: Not much of a surprise since Funimation has the main series but coming to us from Yoshitaka Koyama at Diomedea, Funimation describes the series as:

Seishuu Hanada leads a very interesting life for a high school student. He is admired by his peers as a calligraphy genius and held in the highest respect. Unfortunately, Hanada is under the impression that they hate him! He just wants a quiet life, but instead he’ll face countless challenges for his school idol position. Can he handle all the pressure and “bullying”? It’s hard being so clueless!


TSUKIUTA. The Animation (Airs Wednesdays starting July 6 @ 8:00 AM PT): Is directed by Itsurou Kawasaki at Studio Pierott and Funimation describes it as:

Six Gravity and Procellarum are two rival male idol groups who happen to live in the same dorm. Six Gravity is made up of young men who represent the months of December to May, while Procellarum’s members represent June to November. Follow the daily lives of these twelve young men as they deal with the stresses of idol-hood, school, and living together. With music by famous Vocaloid producers!


Time Travel Girl: Based on a novel (though I couldn’t find by who on Google)and directed by Osamu Yamasaki at WAO World Funimation describes the series as:

Mari Hayase is on a mission to go back in time and meet eight of the most prominent scientists and inventors in history. With the help of her two friends Waka Mizuki and Jun
Mizuki she’ll find herself up close and personal with famous figures like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and so many more! What’s her
purpose and mission? Hopefully not getting stuck in the past!


Sca-red Rider XechS (Airs Tuesday starting July 5 @ 11:05 AM PT) : Based on a visual novel by 5pb. and directed by Hideto Komori at Statelight, Funimation describes the series as:

The Blue World, a world symbolizing reason, is under attack by fierce creatures known as the Nightfly O’Note sent from the Red World, a world symbolizing instinct. Elected to lead the Blue World, 17-year-old researcher Akira Asagi will take charge of the combat unit “IS”. These six riders, also called the Scared Rider Xechs, will fight at the Ryuukyuu LAG to protect their world and each other.


Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! LOVE! (Airs Thursdays starting July 14 @ 12:35 PM PT): An Original anime by Studio Comet with direction from currently unannounced (the first season was Shinji Takamatsu) (note: the first season aired on Funimation and Crunchyroll licensed by PonyCanyon US) Funimation describes the series as:

The Battle Lovers are back! With things a bit calmer since the whole Zundar fiasco, the boys can get back to what’s important in life—like hanging around the bathhouse and lazing around! But when the Loveracelets start calling, they’ll have to jump back into the
action. Will the arrival of two new students mean more allies or more chaos? Love is not over yet!


Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars: Lastly, another original anime, this time directed by Shin Tosaka at Actas. Funimation describes the series as:

In the country of Rimguard a mysterious event shook the country and its people just twelve years prior. As time passed, memory of the incident began to fade while peace reigned over the land. Sisters Yui and Rena live a quiet life in the Enastria Empire until a large mecha suddenly attacks their peaceful home, changing everything. The girls become caught in a vortex of destiny and godly revival.

Funimation makes sure to clarify this is only the first wave of shows with more info to come during June 29th’s Dubbletalk stream at 6:30 PM PDT.

Written by: Conor

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