“Goodbye, Club Nintendo!” Giveaway – Win Club Nintendo Coins


With the ending of Club Nintendo, a site that allowed users to submit codes after certain purchases to get exclusive Nintendo merchandise, we at BlazeKick thought we should say a final farewell. What better way to do that then to help out everyone else get to Gold or Platinum status or to get the amount of coins they need to receive an item!

Here’s how to enter:

Comment below what your favorite Club Nintendo item was. For an extra entry, comment what specifically you think will be a Gold/Platinum reward.

At 6 PM EST, we will randomly choose the winners of a the codes and will proceed to email, Tweet, etc. them.

Here are the winners:

  • Super Paper Mario – Mychal
  • Mario Super Sluggers – Guapo2003
  • Wii Party U – Defuzed
  • Skylanders: Swap Force – Fidel Filpo


Written by: GeminiTrinity

I'm a Communications major/Business major at New England College. I'm also an aspiring Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Producer, and Actor. I also make music videos, skits, and "Let's Plays" for YouTube.

  • Mychal

    My favorite item is Majora mask soundtrack

  • Mychal

    I also think the platinum/gold award will be free download for their new Zelda game

  • defuzed

    Favorite reward would be majoras mask soundtrack.
    Platinum reward gonna be a special amiibo

  • Adric Pellett

    My favorite item was all of the games that they gave out, specifically super smash 64.

    And for the gold platinum, I think it might be the silver Mario amiibo that there has been rumors about, or a amiibo in general.

  • Riiamu Burakku

    Gold Mario amiibo? Not too sure but eh, felt like it.

  • Dan

    My Favorite reward is getting Donkey Kong (NES)

  • Calvin Chao

    The tote bag was nice. Exclusive, free, and quality. Platinum and gold would definetly be downloadables. Maybe Silver Mario for platinum HOPEFULLY NOT 🙁

  • Zero

    Favorite reward were the MarioKart Trophies- I think(hope) the platinum reward will be silver Mario Amiibo or maaaaybe MewTwo Amiibo

  • David Ayala

    Club Nintendo hat sculpture

  • Carlos Salazar

    Favorite reward would probably be the majoras sound track 😛 and I think Platinum mario will be the platinum reward 😛

  • 1128AZ .

    Favorite reward is The 3 piece Smash poster set, with Link and rosa in it.
    Gold/Platinum reward could be a hefty coupon for NX ? :3

  • David Ayala

    And fav reward is smash poster set.. Even tho I didn’t get it!

  • Tenner Cheung

    My favorite reward was the Star Messenger Bag for sure

  • Robert Argentin

    Favorite item is gold nunchuck, favorite reward was the statue. I think its going to be a download choice for gold and platinum, probably a few mario games to choose from, hyrule warriors would be good for platinum.

  • Josh

    The Zelda game was cool and hopefully an amiibo as peize.

  • Nidia

    Favorite reward is the Smash posters.
    Platinum/gold might be a mystery surprise.

  • NegimaSonic

    Favorite: Zelda MM3d bag
    Gold/Platinum: Fire Emblem Awakening if a rumor is true

  • Javier O. Parra

    Favorite reward that I never got was the Majora’s mask soundtrack. I’m guessing the last reward would be a sort of poster to commemorate Club Nintendo or something like that.

  • Rhox Forgues

    favorite is the zelda puzzle !
    And I expect Silver Mario to be the Platinum reward !

  • DavidRY

    Favorite reward had to be the extra large AR Card for those awesome (and under-appreciated) augmented reality games! I predict the Gold/Platinum reward will be a calendar (like usual…)! Or maybe some kind of special entry/discount/early membership for their new reward program?

  • Jasmine

    My favorite item was the star messenger bag.
    I think the platinum reward will be the silver Mario Amiibo.

  • mowmow

    my favorite item was that mini statue that they gave away a couple years ago. I bet the gold/platinum rewards are just going to be digital games. Hopefully a different list of games

  • Vrtify

    I say for me it has to be the Zelda majoras mask soundtrack 🙂

  • Mariolord07

    My favorite reward item so far has to be the Majora’s Mask Soundtrack CD. As for what I think will be the gold/platinum rewards, I think it’ll probably be more games to select from but I really hope we get amiibos as an option.

  • guapo2003

    My favorite reward was my giant AR card. I think the reward will be a special amiibo for gold/platinum members.

  • tasmans11

    Favorite reward was the gold nunchuck they had a few years back.

    -gold reward: official nintendo soundtrack
    -platinum reward: silver mario amiibo

  • argent

    favorite reward would be the the majoras mask soundtrack

  • TheCollectionist

    FR: Majora’s Mask for sure.
    Platinu: I think the Silver(Platinum) Mario

  • Kristy Anne Chua

    fave reward is kirby triple deluxe so need to win this to get it!
    platinum reward would be a zelda item

  • Fidel Filpo

    Favorite award would be super smash soundtrack
    I think the platinum/gold awards could be another set of smash posters

  • janglin66

    my favorite reward would be my Fierce Deity Link Jigsaw Puzzle from zelda

  • janglin66

    i really hope the Gold/Platinum reward will be the silver mario amiibo

  • Jacob

    My favorite reward was definitely the Majora’s Mask soundtrack.

  • Jacob

    I think that the platinum reward will most likely be the rumored Silver Mario Amiibo. I’m hoping it is anyway..

  • mh_55442

    So many things that could be gold/platinum – hopefully a rare amiibo

  • Hector Guzman

    i just want punchout <3 and i say a special amiibo taking a bow as a good bye

  • lostdagame

    Favorite reward is probably the majoras mask messenger bag

    Platinum reward will probably be either more digital games or Silver mario amiibo

  • Nick

    Glad to see this hasn’t been mentioned, but my favorite item from Club Nintendo was the Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Promotional Disc. I actually received two copies of this disc and kept one sealed.