Grisaia no Meikyuu (Le Labyrinthe de la Grisaia) (Anime) Review

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The Grisaia series is one that is pretty popular among Visual Novel fans. Sekai Project’s Kickstarter to bring over all 3 games was fully funded in under 24 hours with all its stretch goals being met (even after losing a bunch of money due to risqué rewards and no news on 18+ versions until after the end of the project). Grisaia no Kajitsu was fairly hated among fans as it was a super rushed anime, cutting and making entirely new content, really unequal treatment of routes, as well as other things. Now fans are stuck with the issue of Grisaia no Meikyuu has yet to be translated (even fan) so do they watch a probably sup-par anime or wait to finally see Yuuji’s past in its original intent sometime this year? As I’ve still yet to read Kajitsu (although that’s very likely to change soon) I obviously didn’t care about spoilers so let’s see what someone who has still yet to read any of the VNs has to say about this 1 hour special!



Despite being a sequel pretty much this special tells us about Yuuji’s past with the 5 heroine pretty much not being there at all until the after-credits scene. Sachi is briefly mentioned (as she was Yuuji’s childhood friend) and Amane is shown in a cameo on the news (being the only survivor in the bus crash that killed Kazuki, Yuuji’s sister) but Makina, Michiru and Yumiko all have to wait. I can’t remember when I said this (as it appears to either be on Twitter on a Tumblr review which I’m not going to go through either) but it was probably Makina’s route, but I mentioned how Yuuji’s past seemed interesting and I wish we learned more about it. This is pretty much that and well, I’m honestly shocked he didn’t turn out far worse off than he is.

First off before we get to his childhood we start off with what appears to be a terrorist attack in the Vancouver International Airport 2 years before Kajitsu takes place. Yuuji assassinates the man saving the female hostage. He’s later talking to her with one of his comrades and she promises to give him anything he wants while also revealing she’s a teacher and a principal (Chizuru if you didn’t guess yet) at a school. Yuuji’s desire is to become a normal student which as we learn. He’s never really had the chance to have.


I’m not going to go into everything but as was hinted during Amane’s route, Kazuki appeared to be in love with Yuuji. Not just the sibling love either but to the point of calling it incestuous. Not only does she get jealous when Yuuji tells her about Sachi (even getting mad and telling him not to make female friends) but they also bathe together and have their first kiss with each other (pretty intense too) in the bath. I read it apparently goes further in the VN but I don’t exactly want to know as he was like 8, maybe younger at that point. Yuuji’s parents always sort of ignored him but it became abuse once Kazuki dies. Yuuji and his mom end up running away and living by themselves for a while before his dad finds them. His dad tells Yuuji to get him beer than starts raping his mother. Yuuji ends up killing him by smashing a bottle over his head and his mom commits suicide. I’m going to stop here but that’s a lot more messed up stuff that happens to Yuuji later on.


I will be including the Visuals and Sound sections in my review of Grisaia no Rakuen as this anime is more of a prologue/episode 0 type thing for that series but we decided I should review the story separate.

Written by: Conor

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